Beckett Axed

Rogers Beckett, a former second round pick out of Marshall, was cut by the San Diego Chargers after the signing of Kwamie Lassiter. Beckett who suffered through a miserable 2002 season saw the writing on the wall.

Back in February Chargers Update had tabbed Beckett for dismissal and was surprised he was kept after a season that saw him miss more tackles then make. Beckett even acnknowledged the possibility at the point and saw signs that pointed back to his benching late in the year.

"I like Rogers as a player; I like everything about him athletically," said Head Coach Marty Schottenheimer. "The thing we struggled with last year was he just never made the plays that we had hoped he would. It seemed to me that rather than fooling around with the thing, if I've got a veteran player (referring to Kwamie Lassiter) that you don't think is going to make your football team, I prefer to let him go early."

"It should be a heck of a training camp battle," said AJ Smith, who didn't anticipate McNeil returning to cornerback. "We'll throw them all out there and find out which ones are the best players. But once we get (Lassiter) in here, it isn't hard to shuffle players around."

Lassiter will immediately take over the #42 jersey, formerly worn by Beckett, a number he has worn since he came into the league.

Originally this story was published with what we thought to be valid quotes from one of our sources. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Quotes from Rogers Beckett, which have since been removed, were taken from a Union Tribune exclusive article. Since coming to our knowledge, the source has been dismissed and will no longer supply Chargers Update with content.

We apologize for implying that those quotes were in any way ours and we will be more diligent in the future. Plagerism is a serious offense and immensely hurts our standing with the San Diego Chargers and their public relations department.

-Denis Savage

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