Will Receiver-Hungry Bolts Get Fuller?

A.J. Smith cannot hide is his preference for big, physical receivers. He had a live look-in at one such wideout at the Senior Bowl, where Texas A&M star Jeff Fuller flashed Vincent Jackson-like skills. When Fuller was done going one-on-one with the nation's elite defensive backs, he went one-on-one with SDBoltReport.com.

Take a glance at the Senior Bowl roster and Jeff Fuller's numbers jump off the page. At 6-foot-4, 220 lbs., he looks like a tight end but runs like a receiver.

However, not all Fuller's numbers are where he would like them to be. After topping the 1,000-yard mark and scoring a dozen touchdowns as a junior, he finished his senior season with just 828 yards and six scores. That is why Senior Bowl week was more important to him than most.

"I didn't have the kind of senior season that I wanted," Fuller said. "I felt coming [to the Senior Bowl] I had a lot to prove. I just wanted to do my best on every snap, learn and get better along the way."

WR Jeff Fuller
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Fuller, who caught three passes for 19 yards in the Senior Bowl game, was on a mission in Mobile, Ala. He wanted to show he could run routes like a smaller receiver, focusing on getting in and out of his breaks. The sometimes slippery fields made that a challenge, but Fuller impressed nonetheless.

He enjoyed the opportunity to play for the Washington Redskins coaches, especially Mike Shanahan, but it was hardly his first taste of NFL coaching.

"I come from a pro-style offense," Fuller said. "Coach [Mike] Sherman prepared me well. He used to coach the Texans; he was the offensive coordinator there. When he was at A&M we had cut-ups of all the Texans' one-on-ones. I used to go in there and watch them with him."

Fuller also studies the NFL's most successful big-bodied receivers. Included on that list is Vincent Jackson, who Fuller calls, "a great player." Fuller could join Jackson in San Diego or potentially help replace him if Jackson leaves as a free agent.

Fuller is even more familiar with some of the game's other elite pass catchers.

"I went and worked with Larry Fitzgerald this summer, he and coach [Jerry] Sullivan," he said. "They both did a great job and I learned a lot from them. And Andre Johnson, of course, I'm in College Station so I see him play every week. I definitely emulate my game off of theirs."

Fuller is a projected fourth-round pick. He has the makings of a steal and could join Vincent Brown and Kory Sperry as the future of San Diego's passing game.

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