Page, Lassiter Introduced

Solomon Page and Kwamie Lassiter were introduced by the San Diego Chargers on Tuesday at a 2 PM press conference at Chargers Park. Page was quickly slated as a tackle and Lassiter as a free safety…

Marty Schottenheimer kicked things off saying, "We had these two individuals targeted for some time. We were looking for some veteran secondary experience and also some help along the offensive line, particularly at the tackle position.

"Solomon has just completed his 4th year. He has been a starter down in Dallas. He started both at guard and tackle. Our contention is to have him play at tackle right now. Our objective is to find the five best offensive linemen we can find and they will be the ones that play."

"I am happy to be a part of this club," said Solomon Page. "It is exciting and I am happy to be here."

"Houck played a big part of (recruiting me). He was my old coach down in Dallas and he was just a great mentor, a great teacher to me. I learned a lot of things from him and I feel like he can teach me more. Add in Kelvin Garmon, I played with him down in Dallas, so that was two pluses."

"(Schottenheimer) was straight forward with me, I don't want nothing sugarcoated," added Page.

Page talked about what he needs to do to get back into game shape and was quick to give his position of preference a minute later.

"I just needed to knock the dust and the rust off, get back into the groove of things. Just get my swagger back.

"Tackle, tackle, I feel more comfortable out on the island."

Regardless of the position he will play, Page will still be blocking for LaDainian Tomlinson, the Chargers starting running back.

"(Blocking for LT) makes you want to hold onto your blocks longer, because if you can give him more time, he can do whatever he wants."

The second man brought into the fold just this week is Kwamie Lassiter and Schottenheimer again took the stage to introduce him.

"I've known Kwamie Lassiter since 1992 when he was at the University of Kansas and Brian Schottenheimer was a freshman at that time," said Schottenheimer. "We are looking for experience in this secondary because we certainly have a lot of young candidates. We have not made any final determination on whether he will play free or strong but the probability is it will be free safety. We know that he has excellent instincts for the game and has played at a high level particularly the last four seasons. He fits the bill for what we were looking for."

"It wasn't a hard decision to come here when (Marty Schottenheimer's) whole passion is to win football games," said Lassiter.

"I had my first practice today, a lot of young guys. They are energetic. These guys just want to win. They just need some veteran leaders around them to teach them a few things."

Coming into the 32nd ranked pass defense in the league is no easy task and it did not seem to affect his choice when he decided to come to play for San Diego.

"It wasn't a concern at all; we have a job to do. They have been in the top five, top ten in previous years," said Lassiter. "The management did a great job of bringing guys in who can play football and want to win. Pretty good draft, I am here for leadership and play some winning football.

"When you work hard good things happen."

Lassiter unlike Page is willing to play wherever he is told to go.

"Wherever I am needed on the field defensively, sometimes the positions are interchangeable. Strong side I can get down there and play smash mouthed football, free safety I can roam the field."

Lassiter also talked about his role as a leader and what he brings to the team in form of mentoring.

"In Arizona I had a lot of young guys with me, the main thing I did was teach these guys to communicate. If I make a call, give me a thumbs up to let me know you got my call so we are playing full speed and there is no second guess on what the call was.

"It comes with the game. When I was young these guys taught me. That's all I can do help a young guy coming up.

"If they see you working hard it is almost impossible to slouch. I used to watch Aeneas (Williams) all the time. I used to say I can't short myself and this guy is working hard. If you work hard and pick up the pace, these guys notice that and in turn they find themselves working hard.

The veteran safety also went on to discuss the good habits that form through practice and the importance for the younger guys to watch film and work at it constantly.

"They have great talent, what they need to do is learn how to watch film, learn how to practice. A lot of guys get injured; you have to learn how to practice with injuries.

"You get hurt the first time, you can't shut it down."

With his first practice today, Lassiter saw what it means to be in a Marty Schottenheimer run camp.

"I tell you what; I had to run six gasers today. I came here to play. I didn't come here to condition like that," Lassiter said with a laugh.

"I came here to learn the terminology. I just wanted to get everything down. Most things around the league are kind of similar, but the terminology changes. Practices were pretty good today. There was a minute, not knowing what was next so I had to wait around to see what was next and then once I got in I started feeling comfortable. Once I have everything down I can move forward and I can help these guys in front of me to do the right thing and go out there to play football."

After all the talk of mentoring it appears to be something that is dear to his heart as he continued to preach the little things that add up to making a Championship caliber team. You wonder how much coaching Schottenheimer has already given him.

"They can listen to the coach all day and all night but when they leave here they go back to their dorm or the hotel and rest," said Lassiter. "You might want to say 15 minutes; 15 minutes never hurt anybody to watch 15 minutes of practice and pickup on tendencies. Everybody in the leagues has the same tendencies to do what they do best when it comes down to crunch time. Pick up on tendencies and beat the guy to the punch. Young guys got to know how to watch film. Learn how to prepare and finish football games.

"These guys are good. They want to play football. They are energetic. What we have to do is communicate, let me know what chances you are going to take so I can cover your back and you come up with big plays and make turnovers. You take those slants to the house and it is six points."

When the topic changed to the Home Depot Center in Carson the real fun began. It appears no one mentioned the team would now be taking training camp up there.

"Carson, what about Carson, tell me now…," said Lassiter laughing.

"Someone mentioned Carson and I said La Jolla is right by here isn't it?"

Chalk another vote up for Carson.

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