With great participation in the voluntary workouts this offseason, the San Diego Chargers could afford to spend time on real drills during the afternoon practice instead of worrying about conditioning.

The first guys out on the field for the afternoon session were Kassim Osgood, Nick Maddox and Brian Sump. While Osgood and Maddox played catch near the end zone, Sump practicing his karate kicks to loosen up. Sump eventually replaced Osgood playing catch with Maddox.

Then the drills began, or rather the stretching, which is always a precursor to a practice session.

Antonio Gates was on the field running sidesteps to loosen up. After getting up gingerly in the morning session, we wondered if he would return. When a roster spot is on the line, a player must go the extra mile and fight through any pain. Kwamie Lassiter said just as much on Tuesday when he was introduced at a press conference. Gates was the slowest of the group but gets our props for being out there. He would play a factor later in practice.

Gates running a route against Drayton Florence made a nice double move that Florence bit on. Doug Flutie hit him just as he shook Florence and Gates was able to spin away from Florence making him miss badly. Gates then swung downfield for what would have been a big gain.

Florence had a rough afternoon. Besides the miss on Gates, he was at least three steps behind Kassim Osgood who was running a deep route. Seth Burford was unable to hit Oz as the ball sailed out of bounds and over his head. A shame since Oz could have really used the good publicity.

As a whole, the defense did a solid job in pass coverage during the afternoon session. They were able to keep the offense limited to mostly dumpoffs and short passes over the middle. They didn't get their hands on much, but were in position most of the afternoon to make quick tackles.

Carlos Polk had a fantastic shot to chalk up an interception for the defense. With Cleo Lemon throwing a bullet intended for Gates, Polk jumped the route and the ball hit him right in the hands. Unfortunately for Polk the ball didn't stick. Polk immediately ripped his helmet off, flung it in the air and screamed at the top of his lungs. Safe to say he was a little disappointed in himself.

Tonight we will take a look at both practice sessions and more of the good and bad from Thursday's session. If you have questions for me, ask away at the board listed below. I answer any and all questions and if I do not know the answer I will tell you and not try and come up with an answer you want to hear.

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