Chargers Mini Camp: Saturday

Open to the public, the San Diego Chargers held the last day of Mini Camp Saturday. It featured some great matchups and even better personalities off the field. The last impressions from both sessions were all the players signing autographs along the outskirts of the field and making themselves available to the fans. Thanks especially to Brian Sump, Nick Maddox and Kassim Osgood among others who talked with Chargers Update and made the day extra special.

On the field the action was as intense as the sun. The crowd was great and everyone cheered for their favorite players.

Over the past few weeks I have watched the team practice (OTA's) and have seen players slowly develop their game, and in some cases continue the solid play they have displayed from the start.

Weeks ago I had made a list of who would make the team and now it is time to check it twice. I realize the names will continue to change but for some…it seems a foregone conclusion that they will make the team.

Everyone knows I have touted Brian Sump to make the team as a 5th or 6th receiver and a kick returner. I am the reason for the hype and will not back down now. He deserves it. I asked Tom Criswell, Jeff Sturgis and Kenny Williams to check him out for me, just in case I was mistaken – NEVER!!!

In the immortal words of Tom Criswell, "Wow, that guy is flying out there. I didn't believe the hype before but now I see why you like him so much."

I am not changing my tune after watching three days of practice but rather reinforcing it. After practice Sump was sitting at the middle of the field, humble and not thinking he had fans. Then I called his name from afar…

"SUMP! What did you think I would let you get away with hiding out in the middle of the field? You got fans that need to talk to you."

I explained who I was and a look of recognition crossed his face. He explained how appreciative he was for the hype, and I told him I only do it for those that deserve it. We talked for a bit while he signed autographs and I cannot begin to tell you how nice of a guy he is. He is appreciative for the chance and it shows in his exemplary work.

Over the last few days I have seen Nick Maddox step up in the backfield and he continued his success today. Since Jesse Chatman raised his play a few days ago, Maddox is the only running back to step up.

Maddox is just a down to earth guy and says he just needs to keep what he is doing. The little things…right on the money Nick. I admitted to Maddox that after watching practices before Thursday, I didn't think any running back had "brought it". I further explained that they all were catching the ball well, but little progress was made in the running game. Then it changed.

I love this kid. He is grounded and more than willing to do what it takes to make it. Guess what, he will make it if he continues the trend I have seen over the last three days.

Andrew Pinnock absolutely blew any competition he had out the window. He caught every pass thrown his way and all week has blown through his blocks as if the player he confronted was merely air. He is on this team already -- mark it down. With Lorenzo Neal out with an injury he made the absolute most of his exposure.

Add in Joey Goodspeed split out wide on a few plays and well I can't see Goodspeed recovering from a poor camp. He did do well today but Pinnock is just smoldering with talent.

I am the first to admit, I have dogged Kassim Osgood some in recent workouts. I see a good and a bad side to him. I have concerns that are well documented regarding him going up into the air to catch balls. Then I have seen in recent workouts the agility he has when shielding the defender away from him with his body while in the air.

Osgood had a fantastic day and it cannot go without notice. In fact his last few days have been on fire. He caught a great fade in the back of the end zone today and really looked sweet running down the field. His drops were down, and maybe he just likes the crowds of San Diego.

I told him we always knew he would land in San Diego, and Tom Criswell chimed in that it must have been his master plan to come here and we knew he never wanted to leave. I explained to him that Tom had written an article on him back in February touting him as one of the next Chargers. His reply, "I read that article, you said either me or JR Tolver would be a Charger."

Read on Kassim and great job out there today, you have a bright future in San Diego with the work you displayed today.

Over the next few days, including tonight, we will be posting more articles than anyone can handle. We had four writers on hand to watch the practices and talked to more players than you can imagine.

-Denis Savage

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