Jenkins who?

Every once in awhile that one person hits you, the one with the blazing speed working his butt off in camp flying all over the field making the plays. The one player no one ever heard of or maybe they had but felt he was not good enough to sign. Today I saw two such players, Nick Maddox and Brian Sump.

Nick Maddox, one of the most down to earth and humble kids I have ever met and I have to admit, a hell of a ball player and Brian Sump, a kid Denis Savage has touted for weeks, and for weeks I have said I don't believe you, till today. When I saw this kid up front and personal and watched his speed, wow.

I would like to talk a little about these two players. Sump, if anything, should make this team as a Kick Returner. Just picture Tim Dwight with hair and taller. Amazing is one word I have for him. I was watching the offense practice against the DB's today and was talking to a guy next to me, turned away for a minute looked back and this kid was flying straight at me, He had a good 3 steps on Kevin House who was in coverage and Cleo Lemon overthrew him and it still just missed his fingertips.

On another play in the afternoon session, they had him in on 11 on 11 drills and he ran a short crossing route into a crowd with Sammy Davis Covering him and Lemon threw him the ball. Davis was draped all over his back and the kid had such great concentration he still caught the ball and almost broke away. He gave 110 percent on every play that he was in on.

In the Special Teams Practice they had Sump back receiving kicks. They had 4 guys with blocking pads in front of him trying to stop the entire kickoff unit, I have to tell you this kid Made me ask myself Jenkins who?

How many of us were so angry that the Chargers let Jenkins go? How many of us thought our special teams were dead?

After watching Sump take that kick today and take off at full throttle going at least 30 yards before being touched I was thinking to myself, ‘Damn this kid is going to make this team'. They would be idiots not to keep him.

At the end of the second session like all the other fans watching and talking to the players we noticed out in the middle of the field there was Sump along with Seth Burford.

Denis Savage called him over to us. This kid was just as humble as could be and a great to talk to. It is amazing when you speak to some of the players how personable they are and this young man is one of them.

I had to let him know I did not believe Denis when he kept touting him on the site but after today I am a believer and entered him in my Diamond in the Rough group along with My favorite Receiver who I personally have wanted a Charger since last year, Kassim Osgood and another guy I touted, Antonio Gates. This kid is a flyer, a hard worker and will make Charger Fans Quickly forget about Ronnie Jenkins when he gets his hands on the ball, I call him TD 2.

You can also add Nick Maddox into my Diamond in the Rough Category. Last year I had one player and that was Eric Parker (who had an excellent day today) make it. This year I won't be surprised if all 4 of them make it. Maddox is the next Terrell Fletcher as Bob Divine, a fan and friend of our site, had said today and he was not lying.

This kid was catching everything thrown his way and also has speed in the Kick return game. I could truly see a backfield in the return game of Maddox and Sump and I don't think we would be hurt one bit or would Ronney Jenkins Records stand long.

Maddox is another humble kid whom we spoke with today. One of the nicest kids you can meet, big arms and legs, hard worker, and great soft hands. Besides LaDainian Tomlinson and Jesse Chatman, I would have to say that Maddox was the best looking running back out there. He got some nice breaks on the ball today and also had some nice run backs in the kicking game. I think he could easily become a 3rd down specialist and special team stand out like Fletcher and would be hard pressed not to make this team.

I just know one thing, I know this is just mini-camp and the boys have yet to even suit up for a Pre-season game, but I would be shocked if neither of these kids made this team. Because I for one at the end of the day walking out of the park kept thinking to myself, Jenkins Who?

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