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The San Diego Chargers held court this weekend at Chargers Park and a wonderful turn out of fans arrived to witness Saturday's Mini Camp. Not only was it a special day for fans, but also they got to witness a fight between Courtney Van Buren and Scott Pospisil. Too bad Pospisil is not showing the same intensity on the field. But forget about the fight let's talk about cheerleaders…

We couldn't resist getting a picture of the beautiful cheerleaders as we left camp. Unfortunately it took us way too long to see them sitting off in a corner. Let me be the first to say they look even better in person…Thanks to Keyna and Alexandra for posing for a picture. Yummy.

Certain players are really starting to elevate their games and we bring you a few today, but there are plenty more that we are not mentioning today, but will soon.

I had wondered where Doug Sims was about a week ago and I recall him stating he wanted to lose 10 pounds to be in better playing shape. From Thursday through Saturday I found Sims and he was bringing the heat up front and creating havoc. It looks like he has slimmed down to his desired weight and is fleet of foot because of it.

Kassim Osgood has really stepped up to the plate. I admitted to being shocked when Marty Schottenheimer gave him praise, but he has made the steadiest progress of anyone in camp. I was critical of him and now am a believer.

The fastest guy in the linebackers group, and possibly on the field, has to be Jordan Kramer. The guy absolutely blazes through drills and seems to have the instincts of a giant cat. In game he does not read the plays as well as individual coaching sessions, but it will be hard to cut the young man.

Mike Scifres was absolutely booming kickoffs this week. He was killing the ball and knocking them deep into the end zone with consistency, until "live" drills began. He became pedestrian at that point, but as he continues to work at it he should become solid.

Mackenzie Hoambrecker looked nervous out there with a crowd watching and shanked two straight kickoffs. He still has an impressive leg and was known for his clutch ability at his alma mater. I for one do not understand how the Chargers are content with Steve Christie and don't seem to be giving Hoambrecker a chance. Hoambrecker gives the Chargers a chance outside of 40 yards but at this point it does not matter. Hopefully come preseason he will make his move and make it impossible for the Bolts to cut him.

After being absent for weeks and not generating any pressure, Omari Hand played well on Saturday. Maybe he needed the big crowds he is used to since his days at Tennessee. He still faces an uphill battle after a slow start.

I know I mentioned it, but it deserves mention again…Andrew Pinnock is a beast. He clearly warranted a 7th round draft choice and the more I watch him, the more I think he may be the steal of the Draft. He has shown excellent hands and an uncanny ability to shake defenders. Besides that he is bowling anyone who gets in his way over.

Many fans don't believe Dondre Gilliam offers much. I am here to tell you he is perhaps the most consistent receiver vying for the No. 5 spot. He is by no means spectacular but he does just enough to leave your mouth watering. Is that enough? I am not so sure, but he deserves a place in this league.

Antonio Gates has made significant strides since joining the Chargers. Considering his background, we all knew it would take some time. Daily he gets better and it is not outside the realm of possibilities to think he will land the number three tight end spot. He is showing concentration and progress. It all comes from listening to his coaches.

What about the fight. I admit I was following another battle when the fight broke out. Pospisil brought Van Buren down to the ground, no "small" feat and was wrestling around with him. Cory Raymer was the next man in as he tried to help Van Buren out. Donnie Edwards on the outskirts of the fight took Raymer by the shirt and wrenched him free, tearing Raymers' jersey in the process but freeing him from the melee. It was a strange scene as it looked so real one second and when Marty Schottenheimer stepped in to break it up, the fight ended and the parties went to their respective corners as if nothing happened.

Tomorrow, or today since it is 3:30 AM that I write this article, and the days to follow, we will look at the specifics of the day and really break it down, as well as recap the last two weeks, including OTA's, which I have witnessed. We will also work through some different talks we had with many San Diego Chargers players in the coming days. A whole host of writers will join us as well to give insight and some will have their debuts out shortly.

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-Denis Savage

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