The Race For No. 5

The race is on; watching the Chargers receiving corp is like watching a group of thoroughbreds at the Belmont stakes or the Kentucky derby. You had your good your bad and you're Graceful. We know who the Obvious 4 our right now and Saturday they showed why.

David Boston was so smooth out there today you sometimes wondered if he was running or did everyone else just stop. On several plays he just flew by DB's only to be overthrown or the pass just out of his reach, but when it was in range he was always on target.

Eric Parker showed today that his season last year was no fluke. They say he put on weight but he looked good and still has some blinding speed. In the morning session he did a double move on a fly route and flew past Tay Cody to make a beautiful catch and take it into the end zone and that was just one of many plays that he had us smiling over.

Reche Caldwell had his moments, but I personally still thought he was lacking in the concentration department on some plays but he to was putting some moves on the covering DB's and making some nice Catches out there.

Tim Dwight was flying all over the field. He is going to have his hands full in the kick return game though, with the acquisition of Brian Sump and Nick Maddox. The Chargers might be able to follow through this year and just keep Dwight in the game as a receiver/ Several times TD showed why he was a threat running crossing routes over the middle of the field and burning the DB's and Safeties covering him.

Now let's talk about the un-obvious, who is #5. I watched this young group very closely today and I know I may be just a little biased here, but the only one of the remaining group who really impressed me was Kassim Osgood. This kid is fast. I don't care what they said about his Combine speed, I don't care what they said about his workouts at the combine, this kid can flat out fly. Kassim had the catch of the Morning session and the Afternoon session today.

In the morning session they were doing 11 on 11 end zone drills when Kassim ran a curl route in the end zone in front of Sammy Davis and blocked him with his body and caught a nice ball by Drew Brees. In the afternoon session he made the catch of the Day On a sideline route in front of Drayton Florence. He caught a nice ball right on the line shielding it so that the DB had no chance and he then quickly turned up field and picked up another 2 to 3 yards. I can really see the Brees to Osgood connection on end zone and sideline routes. Osgood showed the graceful catching ability that he showed with the Aztecs last year and was catching nearly everything that was thrown to him. Only once did I see him leave his feet for a ball and that was in the end zone when they were running corner routes.

Terry Charles did not impress me. I saw him slip down several times and miss balls that he clearly should have caught. His concentration was off on a lot of plays. Maybe I am being overly critical, but after watching Osgood and others I was just not overly impressed with his play so far.

Ojo Onome had an ok day today. I will be honest I did not really see that much of him but when I did see him he looked fluid in his moves and had good concentration on the ball.

Ken, another writer for Chargers Update and debuting tomorrow here, made a statement that was so true today about Dondre Gilliam. "Gilliam is going to be one of those receivers that the Charges let go that could end up becoming a star on someone else's team".

I had to shake my head and agree with him, I could see why the Chargers have kept him around, he is the best competition out there right now for Osgood at the #5 spot.

My hope is Osgood wins the spot; I talked to him for a few minutes after the afternoon session and let him know that I was interested in writing another story on him. I was even more impressed when he told me he read my article where I had either him or JR Tolver coming to the Chargers way back in January or February.

I told him I would like to sit down with him and talk to him and gave him our Chargers Update card and he said he would call.

He is a great kid and I am looking for big things from him. I still say and will continue to say even after watching him today with his height, soft hands and speed he could easily become the #2 on this team and be as Good as TO (Terrell Owens).

So the race is on for the #5 spot and I expect it to be a tight race during camp. I feel Osgood has the edge but I am just a writer not one of the coaches. He still has a lot of learning to do, but I do not think making it on this team will be top hard for this kid. I think he will be successful and help make this team a offensive powerhouse for years to come.

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