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Every year a number of undrafted free agents are brought in to fill some of the gaps left by departures. The San Diego Chargers brought in a league high 26 such players right after the 2003 NFL Draft and only a handful have a shot to make the team. Here is the potential impact report of the top 15 undrafted free agents:

1. Brian Sump-WR (5-11 185 Colorado Mines) is sumpthing special! All out hustle on every play and a positive attitude places him at the top of the heap. He is a tremendous athlete that should make the team as a KR, and also provide a solid backup at WR.

2. Mackenzie Hoambrecker-K (6-1 200 Northern Iowa) could turn out to be a steal if he can continue to maintain his poise and accuracy during game situations. There are a few experts that had him ranked at the top of all kickers coming out of college. I think Marty may be trying to motivate the kid by saying the job is still Christie's to lose.

3. Antonio Gates-TE (6-4 260 Kent State) has come on very strong lately as he has become more and more comfortable on the field. For such a big man, he is very fluid w/ his route running and the man catches the ball w/ ease. It's going to be interesting to see how the TE position plays out.

4. Nick "The Quick" Maddox-RB (5-11 209 Florida State) He is showing flashes of cat like moves whether it's returning KO's or catching swing passes out of the backfield. Has a chance to provide the Chargers w/ an option on 3rd down just incase LT needs a breather. He is also a good enough athlete to provide some kickoff and punt coverage.

5. Phil Bogle-OG (6-2 332 New Haven) Phil is quietly getting quite a few reps w/ the second team. The coaches are also spending quite a bit of time w/ him, which must mean they think he has the potential to become a player in this league. He is rarely out of position because of his good footwork.

6. Jordan Kramer-LB (6-1 230 Idaho) Jordan obviously has some football in his bloodlines and it shows out on the practice field. He is a converted S playing LB only during his senior season. He is kind of a tweener, but he has good hips and flexibility and has more than enough speed to chase down plays.

7. Kassim Osgood-WR (6-5 205 SDSU) He has greatly improved his stock over the last couple of days at minicamp, earning praise from Coach Schottenheimer on a couple of occasions. Don't believe the 40 times at the combine, he has legit 4.55-4.6 speed. He is also a lot stronger than most people think. He was getting off of the line w/ consistency during last Saturdays practices.

8. Stephen Cooper-LB (6-1 235 Maine) He is making a name for himself out there. He is built like a brick you know what. Coop is also a good open field tackler and makes quick reads that allow him to flow to the play. He should be able to help out on special teams.

9. Tim Love-DT (Harding) He is a poor mans Dewayne Robertson. Standing an inch taller at 6'2" and 15lbs heavier weighing in at 320. Now, he is by no means the same player, but he does have the size and quickness to make plenty of plays behind the line of scrimmage. The only question is whether or not he improves his conditioning.

10. LaMarcus McDonald-LB (6-1 228 Texas Christian) LaMarcus does not have the ideal size and speed that most teams look for in a LB. But, he has tremendous recognition skills that make up for his shortcomings. He posses great hands and is also as sure of a tackler as they come.

11. Omari Hand-DE (6-4 265 Tennessee) Omari looks like a stud one minute and then rather pedestrian the next. He is strong at the point of attack and gets off the snap quickly. But, he does not bring it every play. Needs to work on focusing on every single play.

12. Kris Dielman-DT Who? This guy is a former tight end that moved to the defensive line last season at Indiana, posting some impressive numbers w/ 55 tackles with 14 tackles for loss and 5 sacks. He's large (6-4 305) and plays w/ a non-stop motor. I really think he might develop down the road.

13. Dralinn Burks-OT Dralinn has shown consistent improvement. He proved that he is versatile by playing both left and right tackle in college. Good size (6-3 315) and strong at the point of attack make him a long shot, but an interesting one. Plus, the Chargers have had some success w/ drafting OT's from Kansas State.

14. Cedric Henry-CB (5-10 188 Michigan State) Ced's aggressive going for the ball and shows a quick closing burst. He will also jump to compete for the pass. But, with so many DB's in camp, he would have to pull off some serious magic to make the team.

15. Rob Adamson-QB (6-4 210 Mount Union) I know he has not exactly set the world on fire in camp, but he has also not had enough reps to get into a rhythm. He is a proven winner and would make a great story if he can stick w/ a team. I just don't think it will be w/ the Chargers.

-Ken Williams

Kenny Williams is among the writers that will cover training camp in Carson for Chargers Update. He has some connections within the NFL and specifically with the San Diego Chargers. His "insistence" on writing camp reports is a welcome addition to the team here at Chargers Update. This is his debut article with many more to follow.

Kenny Williams can be reached at kennay_28@yahoo.com or via the following link: Kenny Williams

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