Do we really need another DT?

I pondered this question when I saw the big bruisers that the San Diego Chargers had on the defensive line on Saturday. It would make you wonder too. Do we really need another DT??

I paid close attention to the lineman at the second Practice on Saturday because I was particularly interested in the DT's and how they would hold up, as well as who would be out there.

The First team DT looks like it might be Jason Fisk and Jamal Williams but then again you never know what might happen in Camp. They lined up with the first unit Defense on 11 on 11 drills and Williams looked really good. Fisk really did nothing much to impress me, but Williams, I thought, was very agile coming off the injury to his left ankle. He was very fluid and blowing up the holes to move the backs to the outside or pushing the tackles back to let a Linebacker or DE get in on the play.

The kid that really impressed me, and one I have been waiting to see in action, was Doug Sims. This kid was massive and he showed that he could man that line with Williams if given the chance. Two pass plays in a row he blew up the play by manhandling the Guard and pushing past him to get to the QB. On one play in particular, during the morning practice, I noticed he took out the tackle and Moreno slipped in behind him. Thanks to Nick Maddox's quick thinking, Lemon kept his head because if it would have been live he would never have gotten intercepted, but instead would have been seeing stars. That is the type of talent we have been waiting for to step up.

I really did not see much of Leonardo Carson, and DeQuincy Scott was hurt so I cannot comment on how they are coming along. But the young Kris Dielman looked good lined up next Sims on the 2nd team defense. He was making it rough on the O-lineman and he took on the RB's and closed the gaps quickly.

Another nice looking Tackle is Tim Love. He is a big kid that is holding his own but is not as agile and quick as Dielman. He looked good on some plays but he has a ways to go. Several times the Guards pushed him back as Chatman or one of the other running backs blew by him for some nice yardage. Maybe it was because he was not protected, or maybe because he was just being tentative, or it could have been just good blocks, but he was not as fluid as the rest of the DT's on this day.

I think if Sims keeps playing through Camp the way he has done in mini-camp, DQ will be hard pressed to beat him out at defensive tackle. And with the injuries this line is known to succumb to, he could easily make it into the lineup on several games.

All I know is there is a good group of young kids out there battling for those DT spots and battle is what they are doing. I think the DT position might be one of the biggest improvements if all of them play up to their potential.

Only time will tell. Camp is just a month away so let the Battle of the Behemoths begin.

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