Kansas State Coach Bill Snyder on Dralinn Burks

Kansas State Head Coach Bill Snyder met with Chargers Update to discuss the signing of Dralinn Burks by the San Diego Chargers as an undrafted free agent shortly after the 203 NFL Draft. Burks is a raw offensive lineman and he is a bit of an unknown.

Dralinn Burks is a JuCo transfer who moved into the starting lineup for Kansas State as a senior starting just nine games during his career on the offensive side of the ball.

Little information is available regarding Dralinn and we sought to get the inside scoop from Coach Snyder.

"He is a good young guy, he is easy to coach, attentive, and he is a guy that is going to do the things you want him to do the right way on and off the field, both arenas. He is a guy that gets along extremely well with all of his teammates, he certainly did here. He is a very likeable guy, nice personality. Just a guy that is anxious to do the best he can. He is a team oriented guy who is not caught up in only himself. Consequently I think he will be a good addition out there."

Was he sought after leading into the Draft?

"NFL people don't leave too many stones unturned. Everybody has a chance to look at Dralinn and they certainly took that chance."

Were you surprised he went undrafted?

"I don't know if that is necessarily the case. Things happen in the draft. There are a lot of reasons guys don't go I think it was good for him not to, he had better options than if he was a late round draft choice. Be able to go someplace where they really had a need. That is what it boils down to."

Did you influence his decision?

"No, not really, that was his call. We just looked into what the needs were and San Diego's needs were as apparent as anyone else's, probably more so for the most part. Consequently it was a good choice."

Was he used at different positions along the line?

"Yeah we played him as a guard and as a tackle and that is beneficial to him over a period of time."

Is he better pass blocking or run blocking?

"We are a balanced team in that respect in terms of how we practice. I think he was probably a better run blocker for us than he was a pass blocker, but he has some abilities in both arenas."

How is he in space such as pulling to outside to seal off a lane?

"He is probably not going to major in that. He is athletic enough to do those things and he did and we put him in position to do so and wouldn't if he wasn't capable of it."

Is he a technique guy or a mauler?

"I think he is a young guy who still is growing in terms of technique. The good thing about Dralinn is he has got a lot of football in front of him. He came to us as a defensive lineman."

Burks switched from defensive line to offensive line due to a rash of injuries. Burks ended up starting the Kansas and Iowa State games at right tackle, and was in the starting lineup in the Insight.com Bowl against Syracuse.

What prompted you to switch Burks to the offensive line?

"Well I like defensive linemen playing on the offensive side of the football. You like to take the mentality and put it on the other side. He has got the right mental frame of mind to play on the offensive side and play it aggressively and yet he still has a lot of growth in terms of fundamentals and technique so he is still on the learning stage. And that's a plus because that means eh is going to continue to grow as a player."

Besides the appendicitis was he ever injured?

"I can't recall that he was."

Burks left Friday's camp with a leg injury and was not seen on Saturday. The reprieve is Burks got hurt at the end of OTA's and a Mini Camp so he did get some reps in.

Will he make it at the next level?

"I think a part of it is based on San Diego or anyone else that will have him. It is just a matter of patience, it is a virtue. Because he has that upside and because he still is growing fundamentally it probably will take a little bit of patience in order to allow him to master the fundamentals that are going to be so important to him. I think he has got all the other things in place and when he becomes a little more fundamentally sound he is going to be a very good player."

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