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Top 10 Chargers Players...

1) LaDainian Tomlinson - Just as Junior was the face of the Chargers through the 90s, so now is LT. Rare combination of workhouse mentality and big play capability.

2) Quentin Jammer - Will jump from promising youngster to unquestioned leader of the defense in a big hurry. Has the size, speed, physical presence and heart to help give our young defense an identity.

3) Drew Brees - Forget his average statistics, this guy is the real deal. Not a single other quarterback in the NFL I would rather have leading a drive in crunch time. Has ability to make those around him better. Future Pro Bowler.

4) David Boston - Bigger, stronger and faster than anyone who will cover (or attempt to cover) him all year. Marty Schottenheimer has shown he will pass when his talent allows, and with Brees and Boston, allows is an understatement.

5) Donnie Edwards - Gives the defense the speed and leadership Marty craves. Makes plays sideline to sideline and can erase even the best tight ends in coverage.

6) Marcellus Wiley - His return to health will help the pass defense more than any reconstruction AJ Smith could do in the offseason. A healthy "Wildstyle" will put smiles on Bolts Backers faces, fear in opposing quarterbacks' hearts, and Wiley himself back in Hawaii.

7) Jamal Williams - Frees up the Bolts speedy linebackers and collapses the pocket with the best of them. Doesn't get many sacks himself, but sets up his teammates to make plays big time.

8) Stephen Alexander - Will be the bolts #2 option in the passing game this season. When he got healthy and on the same page as Brees towards seasons end, it was clear he can be an impact player.

9) Ray Lee Johnson - In the era of specialists, one of the most complete players you will find. The speed to turn the corner, the moves to work back inside, the strength to anchor the run, and the experience to be a leader on a young defense. Most underrated player on the team.

10) David Binn - The fact that you never hear his name called is a testament to his ability. I spent all last year awaiting a bad snap, figuring after years of perfection he must be due. It never came. Solid in covering the kick as well.

Also considered...
Vaughn Parker
Kwamie Lassiter
Tim Dwight

Author: Michael Lombardo

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