San Diego Chargers Draft Pick Terrence Kiel Update

Terrence Kiel was shot three times in Houston and was released from Ben Taub Hospital Sunday. After it was reported he was walking around and eager to return to California and work on starting at strong safety for the San Diego Chargers, the proof is in his release from the hospital.

Terrence Kiel was in his 1983 Buick Park Avenue when he was shot three times on an attempted carjacking. It is hard to believe the perpetrator was after his car when the suspect reportedly fled the scene and got into a vehicle to drive away. No further details have become available on if the assailant has been identified.

Martha Kiel told the AP her grandson was shot three times; once in the ankle, once in the knee, and once in the abdomen. She said none of the wounds were serious, and he was expected to have minor surgery.

"He's expected to make a full recovery and have no serious problems," she said.

Sammy Davis spoke with Channel 8 San Diego (KFMB) and said Kiel was, "in high spirits and won't let this bring him down".

When we talked with Nick Maddox regarding the incident, he was in shock. Being on the East Coast we actually broke the news to him.

"What?!?" Maddox said in disbelief.

After we reiterated the facts and that it was indeed true Maddox went on to ask where and how with a strain in his voice.

"What was he doing?"

Being a carjacking attempt, Kiel was just going about life.

"How is he doing?"

Luckily Kiel appears to be fine following the incident.

"That's crazy," was all Maddox could manage.

We also talked to the Strategic Sports Group, the agency that represents Terrence Kiel and they were still searching for answers at the time of our conversation. In fact, Gralinn Krane, the man who signed Kiel to the Strategic Sports Group, was thankful I had as much information as I did at the time. They had just talked to him two days prior and actually called his house that morning with a normal checkup call in mind, but did not find out the full scope of the news until I talked with them later that day.

At the time of this printing Chargers Update was still waiting on another callback from Kiel's agents.

General manager AJ Smith has been vacationing in Hawaii and was unavailable for comment.

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