Chargers Update Exclusive: Nick Maddox Interview

Chargers Update had the chance to catch up with Nick Maddox, as he was about to take some time off before coming back later this month for the trek to Carson. With three weeks off, Maddox will head east to continue working out and getting ready for the San Diego Chargers camp starting July 22nd. In the first part of the interview we focused on how he is adjusting thus far.

Nick Maddox, formerly of Florida State, sat down with Chargers Update for an exclusive interview. Nick was kind enough to share some of the rigors of camp and memories from his past that made us laugh out loud. It is hard not to root for this guy as he takes the next three weeks to prepare for training camp. His mind is already prepared and now is the time to make sure his body is in tune.

Since I just returned from being collared (getting married for those not familiar with the terminology), my first question for Nick was if he was married.

"Of course not," Maddox says quickly with confidence.

When the chuckling on my end dies a few minutes later I can continue the conversation. Maddox is 22 and a North Carolina native. Having moved out here from North Carolina myself I can relate. I am not sure how he will take me being a North Carolina State fan however.

I explain to Nick that I like my women like my coffee, "Black and bitter." My wife does not really appreciate that, but Nick and I get a good laugh over that analogy. You see my wife is a North Carolina woman that I brought out to San Diego. Rockingham, North Cackalack to be exact. When I tell Nick he says he knows exactly where that is. I lived in Raleigh for a few years before coming out to the Left Coast.

"So you know how country it is in Rockingham then," Nick replies.

I do. I do. Now don't worry this story is not all about me.

What do you think of Marty run camps?

"I think he is an awesome coach. I think he is very motivational. He is a hands on coach, which is something I am not used to – I haven't had a hands on coach since high school. Coach Bowden was the type of guy who would stand up in the tower and watch over everything and make sure everything was going smooth. He wasn't as much into coaching the players as Coach Schottenheimer is at times. He is an awesome coach. I think it is going to be a great experience to play for him if I am so fortunate to make the team."

Maddox never really got his chance to be the feature back in the FSU attack, but did show his versatility and could return kicks in the NFL as well as compete as a third down back.

Did he prep you for the Oklahoma drills, I don't know if you are going to do it this year?

"Actually we are going to do it. I think that is one of the first things we are going to do when we put on pads."

Then Nick asks what exactly the Oklahoma drills are. I am not sure he is prepared for my answer.

The best way to explain the Oklahoma Drill is two men facing off one on one versus each other with cones dictating the room to maneuver, which is merely inches. The object is to get past the defender. You versus someone, let's say it is a linebacker. Face to face you have to get by him smashing pads and trying to twist past your man while being just a yard apart at the snap.

Nick wants a little clarification, "So it is – no linemen, just two guys going dead at each other?"

You got it. One trying to make the tackle and the other guy just trying to get by.

"No wiggling, no nothing just straight up?"

Pretty much, there is very little room to maneuver between the cones.

Nick makes a sound of half joy, half distraught before adding, "That sounds like fun."

I have debated the relevance of the Oklahoma Drill in the past and wondered if Marty Schottenheimer run camps are too hard in the early goings and wear down our team. Regardless of whether your team is young or old, there are reasons for running a little bit of a lighter camp. The young guys are not used to the extra games, while the older veterans could use the added rest. It appears neither will get the reprise.

What do you think of Clarence Sherman?

"He is good too. He is the type of coach that wants to teach you everything. I learned about the game in college, but he has taken that to a different level for me as a player. With the way that I study film and as much as I rely on being smarter than the other player, it is really going to help me to be coached by a guy like him because he teaches details to the most definite details – that is how far he goes."

You said that you are a video guy as well?

"I love video. I think if you don't watch it, you don't know what you are doing wrong. Video is the thing that I go by. Hard work."

How is life different from Florida State?

"The pace is about the same as it is in practice, but of course it is just a little faster than a Florida State practice. Intensity level – everything is increased just a little more than Florida State."

How do YOU think you are doing out there?

"I think I am doing pretty good. The one thing that I need to improve on would probably be – well I don't know how good I am at it now because we haven't had a chance to do it but every running back could use a little help in pass blocking. I think my route running is excellent. I am getting used to the speed of the game as far as seeing a hole and hitting it. Everything as far as that goes is going well it is just I am going to have to see where I am at as far as blocking at this level."

The versatile Maddox moved between wide receiver and running back early in his career before settling in at tailback as a junior and senior. As an ex-receiver, Maddox is polished at catching balls out of the backfield.

Stay tuned for more of our interview with Nick Maddox coming tomorrow where we talk about life away from football.

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