Nick Maddox Exclusive Part II

Nick Maddox, signed out of Florida State just after the 2003 NFL Draft, gave Chargers Update some stories regarding his life away from football and what his plans are in the coming weeks as he prepares for the upcoming San Diego Chargers training camp.

What are you going to be doing between now and training camp?

"Working out. I am trying to stay thick."

You working out at the FSU campus?

"Yeah I will workout at the FSU campus and then when I go home I usually go up to Raleigh and work out at North Carolina Central or NC State."

You go up to Raleigh? What is going on there? It seems unnatural for me since FSU was NC State's biggest out of state rivals.

"I have a friend that goes to North Carolina Central and I have a friend that went to NC State."

Did I tell you I am a NC State fan?

"My mom graduated from State. My sister graduated from State. I was supposed to go to NC State. They just didn't have the coach at the time."

I thought you were going to harbor some ill will towards me since I like NC State (my real team is Michigan). Maddox actually was the USA Today Player of the Year for the state of North Carolina his senior year in high school.

"Actually my brother went to State, almost everybody in my family – at least they went to some kind of State."

It was probably a good thing you missed the 2001 game.

"I know right. We would have a little family feud there."

It was a heartbreaking loss. You lost the game in 2002 as well right?

"Yes. I was hobbled both of those games actually."

Ankle injuries cost him both games. In 2001 it was the only game he missed but in 2002 he missed the North Carolina game, came back for the NC State game and re-injured his ankle after four carries and missed the subsequent week against Florida. Just before his injury, Maddox Rushed 22 times for 122 yards and made a 16-yard catch before leaving the Georgia Tech game with an ankle sprain. That marked the second week in a row he gained 122 yards rushing and Maddox appeared poised to vault himself up in the Draft. The ankle injuries likely caused him to drop as questions about his durability arose.

Tell us about Nick Maddox away from football.

"I like playing chess. I am not much of a TV watcher but I like listening to music. I have really been getting into the Bible lately. Just trying to find my way through life."

Are you superstitious?

"Not really, somewhat."

What do you do? You have to expand now that you left it open.

"I wear rubber bands. I wouldn't say it is superstitious. I use it as a way of self-discipline. If I do something wrong, that I think is wrong, I pop myself with my rubber bands.

"I have one on each wrist. I pop once for God – that's on the left wrist. On my right wrist I pop twice for me and my mom. So if you see my out there during a game and I pop myself you will know what is going on."

What is something funny that no one should know about Nick Maddox, but you are going to tell us anyway?

"This is probably the funniest thing I have ever done. When I was a kid I got up early one Saturday morning and every kid on Saturday morning watches cartoons. And cartoons these days are not like the cartoons when I was growing up." They are not I quickly put in. My favorites were the Herculoids, Justice League and Fantastic Four for any who care.

"You had Superman, you had She-Ra (I will leave that one alone for now), you had the Looney Toons if you wanted to get into that – you had a little bit of everything. I was watching an episode of Spiderman, no actually it was Superman I am sorry. So I am watching and what does Superman do but jump over a car. Car coming right at him and he just jumps right over it. It goes off and my Grandma comes in, ‘Ok Nick that is enough TV it is time to go outside and play'.

"I went outside and started playing. My uncle is across the street and he calls me over there. ‘Nick I want you to take this glass back over to your grandmother and let her wash it and put me some more lemonade in it.' I went back across and I took the glass in the house she poured some lemonade in there. After that I went back outside to make my way back across the street. Mind you now, before I went out (my grandmother) told me, ‘Nick, whatever you do, do not spill the lemonade and most definitely do not drop my glass.' I said Ok I wont do it, yes ma'am.

"I am on my way back outside. I go to cross the street to give my uncle the glass and guess what is coming my way…but the car is far enough away…I can get across the street no. So I see this car coming along and what pops into my head but the cartoon I just saw…"

How old are you?

"I am six. So I am thinking I can jump over this car. I know I can jump over this car. So I am standing there, lemonade in hand waiting for the car to come. It's coming…it's coming…time it true. I jump. Well I don't know if I jumped or not.

"All I really know is I woke up and my uncle was over me asking me, ‘Nick are you alright! Are you alright?' I am trying to talk but I am in a state of shock and when you are in shock you can't talk. I open my mouth and nothing is coming out."

"They are going even more crazy, ‘Oh my God! He can't talk, he can't talk! Move your legs, move your legs!'"

"So I am trying to move and everything. Finally, everything is alright, I come to and I am over my little shock. The guy who hit me, wanted to take me to the hospital."

"And my grandma was like, ‘Naw, Naw, Naw, he is alright.'"

"We are all standing in the yard and my grandma says, ‘Nick, I want you to turn around and I want you to look at that road.'"

"So I turn around and I look. I am thinking she is going to say, Nick stay out of the road, you can get yourself hurt."

"She says, ‘Nick, what do you see?'"

"I said I see pavement?!?"

"She says, ‘No Nick, what do you see?'"

"I say I don't know."

"She says, ‘Well I see a broken glass.'"

And she beat the mess out of me. So that is how I got hit by a car and got beat all in the same day.

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