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Many of you have heard me talk about Kassim Osgood and the fact that I believe this kid could be a star in this league, particularly with the San Diego Chargers. Some say they feel I tout him too much -- others want to know more about the guy who became a NCAA Record holder in his first full year with the San Diego State Aztecs.

Denis Savage had a chance to sit down with SDSU Head Coach Tom Craft and he asked a few questions that I wanted answered on Kassim Osgood. They also talked about the Aztecs in particular and how their season will fair without the dynamic duo of Osgood and JR Tolver (Now with the Miami Dolphins).

Kassim Osgood started off his college career at Cal Poly. Coach Craft was asked what brought the 6'4 WR receiver from Cal Poly where he was having a fine career.

"I don't know I wasn't here and he red shirted when he was here "Coach Craft said. "The thing that I heard is he wanted to have an opportunity to play at a higher level and I think he has achieved great success where he was and now that he has been able to do what he did in one year – it was kind of a great closing chapter to his college career – what he did."

Kassim started his career red shirting for then Coach Tollner, but still with the fire to play he made the best of it in 2002 when lined up opposite of Tolver. There had to be something in him that the coach saw that made them start him, was it the fire, the work ethic, what was it?

From what he showed on the field it was a lot of passion for the game. He always played above and beyond what was expected of the #2 receiver, face it, last years Aztec Duo was like watching two #1 receivers going head to head on the field at one time. One or the other had 100 yards or more in every game.

Coach Craft confirmed it when he said, "I don't think our receiving group will be dominated by two guys like it was with JR and Kassim."

So the next question was how could someone with that much talent go undrafted? How could teams pass on him when he was clearly better then some of the receivers who went before him?

Coach Craft was asked just that and he responded by saying, "I don't really understand that whole process very well because I am not involved in it. I know that what he did this year on the field, what he demonstrated -- certainly he would have gotten the interest he deserves. And even though he was a free agent I think that he will have an opportunity to prove himself and whether he is a fourth round draft pick or a third or a second, he is going to have a chance to prove himself and that's all with the perfect fit."

"You look at JR -- it is the same type of deal for him."

"So I am really happy that both of those guys are getting the opportunity. I know that they are going to be able to turn some heads and surprise some people. That part won't surprise me."

I for one am excited to see the end zone route and curl routes with David Boston on one side and Osgood on the other. Am I getting ahead of myself? Possibly, but there are chances the two of them could get on the field at the same time in a game and they could be a devastating match up against the smaller DB's in this league.

What is it that Kassim did that impressed coach Craft?

"I thought Kassim was pretty dynamic on being able to separate from the secondary, defensive back, whether he was coming back to the quarterback in any fashion or running away in a lateral position." Coach Craft said. "And then he comes up with that game wining catch, I mean that was a phenomenal catch against Air Force where he is running away and leverages the ball and catches it with one hand. He has been able to prove that he can do it all."

I have to agree with Coach that was a phenomenal catch. I think Kassim has the best shot at getting the 5th receiver spot if he plays and practices the way he did in college and gives 110 percent.

Drew Brees himself said on the Mighty 1090 morning show two weeks ago when speaking of Kassim, ‘he is one of those rare talents, he is defiantly Practice Squad material if he does not make this team, but some other team would snatch him up, that is just how good he can be.'

No one knows what the Future holds for Kassim with the Chargers, and the only one that can make it happen is Kassim. We here at Chargers Update are rooting him on and hope he makes this team.

I would like to thank Denis Savage for contributing to this article with quotes from the interview he had with Coach Craft.

Look for Denis' article on his interview coming up in its entirety tomorrow. The interview will be available to premium subscribers only.

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