Nick Maddox Exclusive Part III

Chargers Update finishes up with Nick Maddox, an undrafted free agent running back signed April 29th out of Florida State. In the final segment of our interview with Nick Maddox, we focused on how he felt entering the 2003 NFL Draft and the plans he has for his future NFL career which he hopes will be with the San Diego Chargers.

What was your situation heading into the draft?

"My agent had talked to a lot of people. The thing was they weren't sure my ankle would hold up."

Thus far through camp Nick's ankle has held up very well to the grind. When the real hitting begins within the month is when the real tests happen.

"My numbers were good and everything but I have never been a featured back and I have always had that ankle injury. People were saying I was probably the best third down back in the nation."

Nick Maddox gained 1221 yards with seven touchdowns on 240 carries (5.1 avg), adding 61 receptions for 628 yards (10.3 avg) and three scores, six kickoff returns for 131 yards (21.8 avg) and 27 punt returns for 268 yards (9.9 avg) while starting 12 of 45 games during his career.

"People were talking maybe third round. Third to fifth, somewhere in there. If the backs go early that are supposed to go early, so I am thinking that is a pretty good deal."

Maddox carried the ball 106 times for 602 yards and 4 scores as a senior while catching 23 passes for 197 yards and 1 score. His junior totals were 98 rushes for 438 yards and 3 scores on the ground and 26 receptions for 262 yards and one touchdown as a pass catcher.

"I wasn't relying on going that early because I know how funny the draft can be. On that day when things didn't really go the way I thought they would go I wasn't extremely worried about it.

"Actually around the fifth, sixth round coaches started calling me. I had a choice of a lot of teams and I thought San Diego was not only my best chance of making the team, but my best chance of learning more about the game.

"I thought it would be a great opportunity to just learn the game and to make the team.

Who do you consider your best friend on the team? You and Cody talk about the Florida State team?

"Actually he was one of the first people I called when I got here."

Have you heard the rumors that he might be on the way out?

"Actually I saw him in the weight room the other day and he told me it might be a possibility that he might be traded. I feel sorry for him, but if you gotta go, you gotta go.

He definitely has the ability, he may just get a better opportunity somewhere else.

Any idea who you will room with in Carson and who you roomed with here?

"I was rooming with Andrew Pinnock. All of us are actually pretty tight. I would say him and Courtney VanBuren. I was here when Courtney arrived too. You gotta love your line."

You become a Charger, and midway through the season find yourself inactive for 8 straight games, how do you feel?

"I am just satisfied to have an opportunity that they thought enough of me to keep me on and I had an opportunity to play as long as I did. I am sure if the opportunity did not work out, by that time I would have made enough plays to get some other people looking at me." Maddox remains as humble today as he did when he arrived. He is just looking to use this time and take advantage of the opportunity that has been afforded him. He has the attitude you cannot teach.

What role do you intend on having?

"I know they have a great starter in LT, so I am not expecting to start. Maybe I can get in as a backup, definitely as a kick returner, third down back is definitely what I am looking at too, so there are a lot of ways I am going to go with."

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