Will Reggie Bush Come Back Home?

The Chargers must upgrade at running back. Ryan Mathews has been a disappointment and Ronnie Brown and Jackie Battle are slated for free agency. Could San Diego regain some of that old Darren Sproles magic by making a run at the equally dynamic Reggie Bush? To thresh out this idea, we chat with Dolphin Digest's Alain Poupart.

San Diego native Reggie Bush may be the ultimate complimentary back to pair with Ryan Mathews. He is the prototypical third-down back, having averaged better than 53 catches per season over his seven-year career -- gaining over 7 yards per catch.

Bush can also fill in as the lead back when Mathews gets banged up or runs into the doghouse. Bush has averaged over 1,000 rushing yards per season since joining the Miami Dolphins in 2011 and has a career per-carry average of over 4.3 yards.

Dolphin Digest's Alain Poupart has followed Bush's Miami career from the start. He spoke to SDBoltReport.com's Brian Ducoffe about the do-it-all back and the possibility of him coming back home to San Diego.

Brian Ducoffe: Reggie Bush went to high school in San Diego. He wrote 619 in his eye black. His Heisman Trophy used to be in San Diego (until he gave it up). He is the best running back to come out of San Diego since Marshall Faulk. After a struggling career that includes two teams and one Kardashian, he's probably going to hit the market again.

San Diego needs help at the running back position. Do you think it makes sense for Bush to come back home?

Alain Poupart: I'm not sure I'd call his career so far "struggling," although he probably hasn't had the impact many had suggested when he was in the draft.

First thing about Bush, his first preference -- and he's been very vocal about this -- is to return to the Dolphins. And the Dolphins certainly can use him, even though it seems the movement is for Lamar Miller to become the main guy next season. Even then, Bush could be useful as a third-down and change-of-pace back. It's going to come down to finances as far as whether he re-signs.

If he does end up leaving, San Diego certainly would make sense because Bush could play the Darren Sproles role, which the Chargers haven't had since Sproles left to replace -- ironically enough -- Bush in New Orleans.

BD: For a guy who came in with the amount of hype he did, only one 1,000-yard season in seven years probably would look like a struggle. But his numbers have definitely improved since making the move to Miami.

Would he still want to return if he's no longer the first-down guy? Would he really be OK with being a third-down back? I feel the whole reason he left New Orleans was to get that opportunity to be the go-to guy. I would think wIth Mathews' career up in the air, Bush could come in as the no. 2 guy and easily take over as the first-down back.

AP: Only Reggie Bush knows what kind of role he'd be willing to accept, but even if he leaves via free agency and goes to, say, San Diego, I don't believe any team will guarantee him a starting job. The way I see it, it will come down to finances more than anything else, and he'll take Miami's offer if it's competitive.

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Brian Ducoffe is in his second year of covering San Diego sports. He has been previously published in University Link Magazine and wrote as an NBA columnist for Gacksports.com. Follow Brian on twitter @brianducoffe.

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