Jones won't workout for scouts before draft

Barrett Jones couldn't work out for NFL scouts at Alabama's Pro Day Wednesday due to the boot on his foot, but he understands that's not something he can control. So right now he's solely focusing on the things he can control, like interviews with head coaches and general managers, before April's Draft.

Barrett Jones walked around Pro Day Wednesday in a small protective boot on his foot. He didn't appear to hurt or hobble, it was just necessary since he had surgery in January to repair torn ligaments in his foot.

Jones, who initially tore up his foot in the SEC Championship game against Georgia, played through tremendous pain in the national championship so he could help his team win a third title in four years.

But the surgery would not allow Jones to workout in front of any scouts before this year's draft, although he did churn out 27 reps on the bench press at Alabama's Pro Day Wednesday.

"I think I got 29 and they counted two off or something," he said. "I wanted to get 30, but I was close. I was pleased with that. I've been working out hard and I think that was a good number."

Jones joked that he probably could have pumped out five or six more reps without the boot, but then admitted that would not have been the case.

"I wish I could say [the boot affected me], but no, it was fine," he said.

Jones told reporters he won't do any more workouts before the draft as he probably won't be cleared by his doctors until May.

"I'm just focusing on controlling the things I can control," he said. "That's interviewing well. I have 50 games of tape out there so hopefully they watch those."

Jones, who has played every position on the offensive line, said that he would play any spot he's asked to play, but prefers center.

"No. 1, I played there last year and No. 2, I'm kind of a control freak," he said. "I like to be in control. If we're watching TV together, I like to hold the remote. That's the kind of guy I am. I like making the calls."

SEC production

After most of the pro day festivities were over, Alabama head coach Nick Saban addressed the media.

He was not only asked questions regarding his players, but the production of talent in the SEC.

"I may be off in my numbers, but I read somewhere that 70 guys came out early for the draft this year and 40 of them came out of our league," he said. "That's an indication of the quality of players we have and the quality competition and the fact that we had six teams in the BCS Top 10 at the end of the season is another indication of the great programs we have and the great competition we have in our league, which certainly helps develop players.

"Everybody's focused on where a guy gets drafted. Really the most important thing is what kind of career he had, what kind of consistency and performance he had when you get an opportunity. That's what we try to stress with our players."

Quote of the day

During interviews, D.J. Fluker, who by the way has leaned up and lost roughly 10 lbs. since the national championship (weight 344-46 then, weighs 334 now), was asked if he thought he impressed scouts Wednesday.

"I did pretty good," he said. "Giving a great effort is the main thing. Everybody will say that effort beats talent. That's me. I have both.

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