Inside Scouting Report: D.J. Fluker

The Chargers addressed their woeful offensive line in the first round, but not with the player most fans expected. After a run on offensive linemen, Tom Telesco plucked powerful right tackle D.J. Fluker from Alabama. For more on Fluker, check out this insider's scouting report courtesy Kirk McNair of '

Michael Lombardo: How does D.J. Fluker compare to the other elite offensive linemen in this year's draft class?

Kirk McNair: The first thing I think about D.J. Fluker as a potential pro is that he is a very good run blocker and usually had help on pass blocking. Like most successful SEC teams, Alabama is a run-first offense. I think Fluker would've been considered a dominant right tackle in the SEC.

ML: Fluker is seen as a bit of a classic road-grader/mauler ... does he have the athleticism to hold his own in a zone-blocking scheme?

KM: Although he is best at run blocking, I think he is very athletic.

ML: What are your concerns about his ability to continue his success in the NFL?

KM: I'm not sure I have a concern, but Alabama averaged a little over 20 passes per game, and I suspect there will be more pass plays at the pro level, so it will be a different game for Fluker.

ML: What are a few of his standout attributes that made him a worthy pick at No. 11?

KM: Fluker has a long list of attributes. For one, he is intelligent (although he is very shy in interviews). He was an unquestioned leader of Alabama's offense. He is a dedicated athlete, a guy who does all the work to be better. He has missed little work with injury -- in fact, I can't remember him missing a play since his freshman year when he had a groin pull.

ML: The Chargers picked him at No. 11 ... good move or bad move?

KM: I remember seeing D.J. absolutely dominate in the Alabama-Mississippi High School all-star game and asking Scott Kennedy how in the world he could have Fluker as no more than a three-star, so I was impressed by Fluker early. And I always thought Vince Lombardi had it right when he said he liked to get guys who were accustomed to winning. D.J. has been a three-year starter on the most successful team in the nation the last three years.

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