Williams Talks Comfort, Competition

Fifth-round pick Steve Williams is competing at the most wide-open position on the Bolts' roster: cornerback. Despite his new responsibilities and surroundings, he's quickly showing he belongs. He talks about some familiar faces on the roster, his switch to the slot position and his work on special teams in this one-on-one.

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Steve Williams is still adjusting to life in the NFL, but at least he's not doing it alone. He comes to the Chargers from Cal-Berkley along with college teammate and fellow draftee Keenan Allen. In San Diego, he shares a secondary another former Golden Bear, Sean Cattouse. And if that's not enough, he has three other rookie cornerbacks to work with every day (Marcus Cromartie, Josh Johnson and Greg Brown).

The Chargers are undergoing a rebuild at cornerback. Losing Quentin Jammer and Antoine Cason to the Denver Broncos and Arizona Cardinals, respectively, the team moves forward with free-agent addition Derek Cox (Jacksonville Jaguars) and first-time starter Shareece Wright. Coach Mike McCoy began training camp with his backup cornerback spots wide open for competition. So far, Williams has been proving himself worthy of a significant role.

After leaving college one year early to pursue a career in the NFL, Williams talks to SDBoltReport.com about his transition to the NFL, his relationship with Keenan Allen and his training camp to date.

Brian Ducoffe: What's it been like making the transition to the NFL with one of your college teammates?

Steve Williams: It's great. Being able to come from school with a teammate has helped me feel comfortable.

BD: Sean Cattouse is another Cal guy. Has he helped, too?

SW: Oh yeah, he's helped me a lot. But all the guys have ... pretty much everybody in the secondary does their part.

BD: You've had a successful training camp so far as the slot back, but you mostly played outside at Cal. Has that come easy for you?

SW: I'm learning. You have to keep communicating and just get in the playbook. I just keep going and learn every day. I think I'm doing a good job with it.

BD: You have matched up against Allen a couple times throughout camp. What's the difference between defending him now compared to last fall?

SW: Yes, there's a little bit of a difference. The route combinations are a bit different. He has a lot more responsibilities in his routes and it's about timing now. In college, you could freestyle a little bit more because you might have a little bit more time but now it's all about timing. Sometimes I can get underneath his routes because it's all about getting there now. He can't freestyle his route.

BD: There are a lot of rookies at the cornerback position. How have you tried to make yourself stand out? Do you feel a need to?

SW: I don't feel like I have to stand out. I feel like I need to do what I'm supposed to do and if I continue to do that I'll naturally stand out because I have some skills and I also have the ability to make plays.

BD: What has your experience on special teams been like so far?

SW: It's a lot different. I didn't really do too much special teams in college, but I'm having fun and I'm learning a lot and getting better at that, too.

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