Trestman On Chargers

Check out more of what Chicago Bears head coach Marc Trestman had to say about Thursday night's game against the Chargers.

The Chicago Bears are prepped and ready for Thursday night's contest at Soldier Field against the Chargers.

According to head coach Marc Trestman, there are several veterans that will get work this week that didn't last game.

"We expect Brandon [Marshall] to get some work in this week, he didn't get any work in last week. He will get some time out there," Trestman said. "Joe Anderson had a shoulder [injury] he had an MRI that came out negative. It looks like Julius Peppers if things continue to progress he will be out there for some reps this week. Those are some of the guys that come to mind right now."

On the other end of the spectrum Trestman also touched on rookies Kyle Long and Jordan Mill's potential playing time.

"They have grown each and every day, they have made mistakes as young guys do and we haven't decided how we are going to play them. We will by the end of the day [Tuesday]," Trestman said. "They are going to get significant work again, they are going to have the opportunity to play some against San Diego's one's I don't know how much."

He added, "We are excited about what they have done and we are excited to see it every day against some of the best defensive lineman in the league. So we are excited to see how that transitions over to Soldier Field."

Another thing that Trestman touched on was the progression that the team is making on picking up his offense, and the value of asking 'why?'

"I think every professional player needs to know why we are doing things, we aren't going to answer them because that is the way we do it. They expect to know why," Trestman said. "I think we are dealing with Generation Why. We really are. I think that a professional player needs to have those answers, so whether it is Jay and the quarterbacks asking questions, or anybody we try to give them an explanation that is built on common sense and the best interest of the team."

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