Kromer Talks Offense

Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer answers questions inside on BearReport.

Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer had plenty to say after the Bears wrapped up off-site training camp in Bourbonnais, Ill., and leading up to Thursday's contest.

Starting with exactly how the blocking scheme should improve week to week.

"Last Friday was game one preseason, which always looks rusty in the blocking schemes," Kromer said. "So it wasn't as tied down and as tight as it needed to be."

He continued, "We blocked the right guys but the technique needs to improve."

There are several reasons why the blocking scheme that is taking a little while for the Bears to pick up according to Kromer.

"I think the learning curve for the technique is hard, there is a different schemes in and they need to study it they need to go through it and they need to see the different fronts and the different movements and the different blitzes against it," Kromer said. "And it takes time and when you are moving around to different positions it helps you understand better what is happening but it also makes it tougher on your responses when people move. They are doing that and in the long run it will be good, in the short term it isn't as good as it needs to be."

Another thing that Kromer touched on, was just how important getting the rookies reps is.

"John Scott being hurt just gave more guys opportunity," Kromer said. "The next guy up and it gives a young guy an opportunity and a chance to make the team."

Speaking of vets, another one that is getting quite a bit of attention is offensive lineman J'Marcus Webb.

"He moved to the left side and he had been practicing on the right side so it took him a little time to adjust," Kromer said. "But if he is going to be on the team, if he makes our eight then he is going to have to play more than one spot and I think it is a great opportunity to get those reps in."

He continued, "You don't want to do it Wednesday of game week, you want to do it early in the season so he has a feel for it."

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