Folau Is Sticking With Stanford

Christian Folau is one of the best football players in Utah and one of the best linebackers...

Christian Folau has an interesting predicament on his hands. For a year now, the East High School (UT) middle linebacker has been committed to Stanford. Folau made adjustments to his course load at East, signing up for AP classes and focusing on making all A's and B's... mission accomplished. Folau has done a great job staying on top of his school work and has grades to get into anywhere. The hang up with Folau has been his ACT scores. He has now taken the ACT a few times and fallen short each time. Folau is frustrated, but knows Stanford is where he wants to be.

"In my heart, Stanford is what I want," Folau explained. "I talked to Coach Anderson and Coach Shaw recently and they told me that they want me no matter what. They said if I decommitted and looked around, they'd be 100% okay with it. They will keep a spot for me up until signing day. That feels pretty amazing to hear from two great college coaches at a top notch school. I have made the decision to stay committed. I don't really see any benefit to decommitting. Sure, maybe a few new schools will offer me, but I'm not looking to add offers for the sake of adding offers.

Folau will continue to work at boosting his ACT score. He plans to work with a tutor, as well as try the SAT out. Folau is determined to boost his score, but he is also being realistic. As much as the East linebacker wants to play for Coach Shaw at Stanford, he is also preparing a back up plan.

"Like I said, Stanford is where my heart is, but I also need to have another plan in place," Folau claimed. "There are a few schools I have good relationships with and I will continue to develop those. Oklahoma State, Wisconsin, and Vanderbilt are the main three schools I would consider right now. I may actually take a trip to OK State sometime this summer. I know some guys down there and they said it's a great place to go to school. Wisconsin and Vanderbilt have been recruiting me for a long time now. They are good people and I also like their academics."

The flexibility Stanford is showing with Folau shows how much they value him as a football player and person. Folau has a lot of upside on and off the field. He is a four-star middle backer with the ability to move outside or even potentially to defensive end. Folau is also a tremendous leader. This goes beyond football, as Folau is the student body president (as a junior). Whether Folau boosts his test scores to Stanford's standards or not, I can guarantee he is going to put maximal effort into getting there.

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