Melvin Gordon focuses on Game Two

The Chargers 2015 first-round pick carries the ball with high expectations.

Chargers running back Melvin Gordon has been doing the work.

Day after day, rep after rep, he pushes himself in practice.

It's only natural he wants to see results, and he wants them to be more extraordinary than the eleven yards (on six carries) that he had in game one of the preaseason.

"It's tough," he said, when asked about mentally not being too hard on himself. "You just want to be so great so fast, and sometimes it doesn't happen that way."

Gordon acknowledged the growing pains are probably what "most rookies go through," but there was still a look of lost opportunity in the eyes of the most productive college running back in the nation last year.

"It's a process," he said. "I've just got to understand some things are not going to go my way at the beginning. It's early, so I get down on myself when I don't play or do something as good as I want to, and I've just got to know that it will come to me."

Coaches and teammates are helping to build that confidence, letting him know that once it clicks he'll feel it and the game will slow down.

Until then, he's got to trust the process.

Gordon is expected to play in Saturday's game against the Cardinals -- (the second preseason game for the Chargers) -- and he said he's looking to be more decisive. He was a little hesitant against the Cowboys, but will focus on getting to his lane quicker in Arizona.

It's also likely he would see some pass-blocking plays -- something he didn't see in Game One.

Gordon said he's been focused on technique. 

"That's what it boils down to at this level, just being clean and sharpening your technique," he said.

He hopes the second game will be more lucrative than the first.

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