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Melvin Gordon: "The more reps, the better"

Sidelined in the second preseason game because of an ankle injury, Gordon looks forward to opportunities against Seattle.

Melvin Gordon was sidelined in the Chargers second preseason game in Arizona because of a minor ankle injury.

Against Seattle on Saturday night, he's expected to play.

The 2015 first-round pick -- who said he "feels healthy" -- talked after practice Tuesday about what it was like to miss his second game and how he plans to make the most of his chances going forward.

Here are some of those thoughts:

"It was tough going out there and watching everyone get better and get prepared for the regular season, and me just chilling on the sidelines, writing down the plays. I tried to stay in the game. Coach had me write down the plays. But it was definitely tough watching it."

 "I was just trying to picture myself out there as if I was them. I was trying to work it out in my mind, take mental reps."

"It’s really important [to play against Seattle]. Last week against the Cardinals they blitzed a lot and those are reps I definitely could have used to tune myself up for the regular season. But, Seattle is a good team and it will definitely be a challenge for me and for me and my treammates to see where we’re at. The more reps, the better."

"It’s always tough watching, I think for any player. The game is longer when you're out on the sidelines. You see guys making plays, getting amped, getting juiced, and you're kind of just sitting there like, ‘Man, I wish I was out there making those plays.’"

"To me, as a rookie, as a young guy coming in, I think every team is a stepping stone for me regardless of what team it is. I feel in the NFL, every team is good. Every game is important."


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