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Chargers OC Frank Reich and DC John Pagano talk Browns, run game and more

"Nothing builds confidence more than a strong running game," Reich said.

Each week, offensive coordinator Frank Reich and defensive coordinator John Pagano address the media. Here are some of the highlights:


On balancing the offense with so much shuffle on the offensive line:

"You do have to make some adjustments. As the offensive line shuffles around, there’s things you have to consider, ways you have to protect the passer and change certain things up. There's probably four or five things that I think that you can do to try to help when you’re pieceing things together like that, to help with protection and help to get the ball out quicker. Like anything else, you can’t just do one thing. We try to mix it up. We’re cognizant of, 'How do you do that? Where do you do that? If a guy were struggling, how do you help a guy who might be injured playing in a game and he’s playing on one leg?' Those are things you always have to have in your back pocket."

 You want to play fast though, right?

"Certainly there’s the mindset of you just keep rolling. You assume the best, you try to put your foot on the gas and go forward but you go forward a little bit cautiously, and then if you can gain momentum with new guys and there’s  a shift and you get a drive going and you gain confidence … that's really the key. You’ve gotta gain confidence and then it's just business as normal."

On what he sees in the Cleveland defense and whether their run defense (last in league) means the Chargers will use the ground game more:

"We want to run the ball. Our emphasis has been to run the ball better and more than we did last year. We want to have balance ... This is a talented defense. They have Pro Bowlers all over in the secondary.

 "Nothing builds confidence more than a strong running game. There’s just something about the physicality of a good running game that makes you feel dominant."


On run defense:

"I thought we did  an excellent job last week of first half run defense, of limiting the [yards per carry]. Just doing those things, now we gotta carry it over to the second half. That was probably the most disappointing thing ... The cup is always half-full with me. There’s good there but we have to correct the bad."

 On one sack in three games:

"I see a lot of opportunities where guys are running around … In the Detroit game it went from a sack to an interception, or in Cincinnati, there were three or four opportunities where [Andy Dalton] ran and threw it out of bounds. We had him, but we didn’t get him down. The quarterbacks have done a great job of buying time, but we’re close. We build off of those things. We gotta get the quarterback down. I’d rather be 3-0 than worrying about our sack numbers though."

On the Browns' offense:

"They move the ball, they spread it around. Their receivers are all big play, speed, fast. [Travis] Benjamin is someone with four touchdowns so you have to defend the deep ball. Their running game is … it’s a downhill running attack. They put you on the edges. They get you going one way and then they go the other way. It's more of a zone scheme and you really have to defend the cutback."

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