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Chargers will see familiar faces with Bears

Reunited and it feels ... like you need a win?


Chicago Bears head coach John Fox knows Mike McCoy well, as the two worked together for 10 seasons with both Carolina and Denver. With the Broncos, Fox was head coach while McCoy served as his offensive coordinator for two seasons. Since becoming head coach of the Chargers, McCoy has faced Fox five times (vs. the Broncos) and has lost four of those, including the 2013 playoff game. This will be their first match with Fox heading the Bears.

"[Mike} is a tremendous coach,” Fox said. “I’ve got great respect for him as a coach and I know his family, his wife and his kids, so I have tremendous respect for him as a person as well.”


Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers made headlines in 2007, when Cutler was QB for the Bronocs. After the Chargers beat the Broncos, it appeared there was "trash talk" between the two, which the media picked up on and ran with in the weeks (and years) following.

Thursday, Cutler was asked his thoughts of Rivers:

"I got a tremendous amount of respect for him," he said. "He’s been a staple in that city for a long time. He’s put up huge numbers year in and year out, and this year is no different. No matter what their record is, what point of the game it is, what their score is, you know you’re going to get hit with his best effort. He’s fun to watch."

Does Rivers think there is a "feud" of sorts?

"I have no issues with Jay at all," he said. "So it’ll be a normal handshake just like it is with all the other quarterbacks. There are really no hard feelings there whatsoever.  There weren’t really any even that night, or after.  Obviously, the hype that ensued kind of built it up. I think [the hype] was weird. It was just the timing of it really more than anything ... There are a lot of interactions like that, that happen out here on this practice field during training camp with my own teammates. So there’s nothing malicious about it.  But you look back and go, 'it’s crazy' what was made of it.  In hindsight you wish it probably never happened, but it was certainly not the big deal that it turned into.”

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