Afternoon Session: Enthusiasm

The San Diego Chargers began their second practice of the day with much more enthusiasm and intensity that this morning. The temp at the start of practice was only about 82* with a slight brees again. The coaches were very busy teaching the intricacies of football on every single play. This meant stopping in the middle of a play to break down each man's assignment or repeating entire plays if anyone got out of position.

Marcellus Wiley is in the house and it wasn't hard to notice him in his semi pink/red high top Nikes. With those shoes on, he didn't need to sing to draw the crowd's attention.

I asked Marcellus how he feels and his reply was, "100 percent ready to go!"

He looks to be in outstanding physical condition after off season surgery and should return to his old form, maybe even better.

I noticed throughout the day that AJ Smith was always off in the distance paying very close attention to this team. He was giving his newly re-formed secondary the most attention and you just knew the players were aware of his presence. The DB's gave terrific effort today during every drill. There was not one ball dropped during one stretch of "interception" drills. Best hands in this group today go to Tony Okanlawan. The most picks on the day with two, go to Lemual Ligon. Little is known on Ligon but he made a big splash in his first practice. The only players absent from this group were Quentin Jammer, Ryan McNeil, Kwamie Lassiter, and Kevin House.

I had a chance to stand behind Mike Scifres and the punting machine during return drills. He started off a little slow, but once he got warmed up the machine was no match for this kid. I have never seen anyone kick a football like that in my entire life. As impressive as it was, it was difficult for the return men to judge because of the windy conditions. However, Brian Sump, Nick Maddox, and Dondre Gilliam managed better than most.

Back on the field from injuries were Vaughn Parker, Leonardo Carson and NFLE lineman Luke Butkus.

Drew Brees was throwing darts all day long, consistently finding David Boston open. Drew appears stronger and more confident than he did last year at this time.

Hoambrecker was doing a nice job of adjusting to the wind as he was consistently splitting the uprights from about 40-45 yards out.

I am going to close this up with even more good news. I had chance to ask AJ about Terrence Kiel's condition as well as his contract. He was adamant about the fact that Terrence's injuries were, "not extensive and that they should have something finalized in the next day or two."

Turns out it was only a few hours away as Kiel signed on the dotted line later that evening.

The Home Depot Center in Carson.

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