Chargers head coach Mike McCoy: "The players did not quit"

It's not effort, it's lack of execution, McCoy says.

Monday, head coach Mike McCoy addressed the media and, when asked if his players had quit on the team, said, firmly, "No."

Watch the video above to hear why he feels that way.


Running back Melvin Gordon rushed for 37 yards on 15 carries Sunday. At this point, it's tough to tell how much more we will learn about the first-round draft pick this season. He's behind a hobbled offensive line, working in a system that he doesn't yet seem comfortable in, and being used inconsistently.

"It's not just [Gordon]," McCoy said. "He can't do it on his own. I think he'll tell you himself he needs to do some things better, whether it's a cut, it's a read, whatever it is, but there's also a number of other guys on the field in front of him that need to do their jobs better ... The running game is nowhere where we want it to be. I think there's a system you run, and there's adjustments and learning curves certain players have in the way you do certain things, and so we'll explore all options moving forward."


Sunday, the cameras caught Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates in a heated moment on the sideline, when it appeared that the tight end was angry with his longtime friend and quarterback after something he had said.

Rivers was asked about it after the game. He acknowledged the incident, then said:

"Brothers fuss and fight. I love Antonio [Gates]. I think he’s going to tell you the same things. It’s probably the two most competitive guys on the team who’ve been here as long as anybody for the most part. I think it’s just we’re at our last straw. We’re sitting now at 2-8. I think he and I both, from being together so long, are like, ‘Come on. We’ve got to figure this out.’ I think it’s more that than anything."

Monday, Gates reiterated that same point:

"That’s my brother," Gates said. "It’s a guy I’ve been with in so many battles. He knows the love that I have for him, and I know the love that he has for me.

“So it was just a situation where it was the heat of the moment. He wants to make a play. He wants to win. I want to win. We’re not winning. And the frustration -- with countless hours of practice and studying that’s put into this -- sometimes, it boils over to the game.”


The Chargers still have six games left this season. Here's how Rivers will approach the remainder of the season:

“I think it’s just being a pro at this point. Are you going to be a pro, going to be a man? Yes, you play for the guy next to you and all those things. I think that will always be a mantra of mine. But, I think at this point it’s just being a pro. Just go. The ball’s going to get kicked off next Sunday and Jacksonville sure as heck isn’t going to feel sorry for us. If we want to keep getting embarrassed like this, then we can lollygag around and we will. Jacksonville will beat us just like this if we do have that approach. Or we can go out there and beat Jacksonville. Either outcome is possible. I don’t know that one’s greater than the other. One would say that the former is probably greater just going off the last six weeks. We’ll see what happens.”

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