Chargers Camp: Ousted

On a day when former San Diego Charger Jack Kemp has emerged as a possible challenger to California Gov. Gray Davis, the Bolts went through day two of camp with their rookies and select veterans.

Like the Republican-led drive to oust Davis, players in Chargers camp are trying to stay in camp and catch the eye of coach Marty Schottenheimer while ousting the competition with superior play. Maybe that is why the defensive backs shadowed Marty Schottenheimer much of the day.

Tay Cody continued to up his trade value. He looked sharp and snared an interception. If every day he played as today, he would be a keeper in the California 53 man roster ballot.

Drayton Florence was the beneficiary of a hit by Hanik Milligan and saw a ball land smoothly in his hands for an interception. Florence continues to show his aggressiveness and is never tentative in taking a chance. He rarely fails to capitalize on his chances either.

Kassim Osgood made a nice catch in front of Ligon and Oz made a nice spin move to get past him as Ligon struggled to keep his feet. Those kinds of plays with the coach staring it down will land Ligon elsewhere.

The wiry Cleo Lemon continued his stride from mini camp with a strong practice. He has already ousted Rob Adamson – could Seth Burford be the next target on his list? While Kemp and Lemon may be flattered by the praise and support, it is a long way until election time – known as cut time around here.

Nick Maddox had an up and down day. One minute he looked good and the next he looked slightly overwhelmed. One thing is certain – with so many running backs still in camp, it is hard to believe one will not be a keeper and win an election to the roster or practice squad.

In reality politics has little play with rookies on the field. It comes down to talent. Some have it, others do not.


Terrence Kiel was out and about today a day after signing a six year deal. Kiel looked to be in solid shape after surgery and was seen smiling along the sidelines.

The Chargers have two workouts on Friday. The morning session is from 8-10 a.m. The veterans have to report by noon followed by a full team meeting at 1 p.m. The team will take the field at 4 p.m. and the veterans will go through the same running test the rest of the team faced on Wednesday morning.

The first practice in full pads for the Chargers will be Saturday afternoon when the team goes through the popular "Oklahoma Drill." Saturday's afternoon session begins at 3 p.m.

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