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Jags players, head coach speak on Chargers

Jacksonville head coach Gus Bradley says Rivers is "phenomenal."

The 4-6 Jaguars will host the 2-8 Chargers Sunday. Earlier this week, Jaguars' head coach Gus Bradley and quarterback Blake Bortles spoke on the Chargers:

Bradley on quarterback Philip Rivers:

"The guy is phenomenal. I think what’s been impressive with him is that they’ve had some injuries at the wideout spot, tight end spot and he still stays the same—very, very productive. One of the top offenses in the league. He’s playing at a high, high, high level regardless of who’s in there.  He makes that offense go. His precision; he commands the whole offense. They go no-huddle and he runs that part of it as well so he just has complete control of the offense, knows defenses, the looks he’s getting and where to go with the ball.”

Bradley on the Chargers defense:

"They have some talent there.  Some first and second round draft picks that are playing well; their effort and they’re flying around.  You look at their games throughout the season -- a lot of one possession games, similar to what we’ve been in.  Those are tough because sometimes those games come down to one or two or three plays and your team is playing well but maybe just it didn’t go your way."

Bortles on CB Jason Verrett:

"Jason and I trained together in San Diego coming out of the combine, so I know Jason pretty well.  I was impressed with him the whole time we were out there together.  He was super impressive and he’s super impressive to watch on film.  He’s not an overly big guy, but he’s a guy who plays big.  You watch him week in and week out go up against bigger receivers and hold his own... He’s as good a corner as there is in the NFL."

Bortles on Rivers:

"He’s definitely in that category of the older veteran quarterbacks that have been elite for a long time ... There’s definitely a lot of things that he’s done very well and a lot of things to learn from. He is in that elite category.”

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