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Broncos players & coaches discuss Chargers

Hear what Denver coaches and players are saying about San Diego.

Here are a few notable quotes from Broncos coaches and players, who spoke earlier this week.

Broncos QB Brock Osweiler on Philip Rivers:

“I’ve always been a huge Philip fan.  He was somebody I watched as a kid growing up. It just so happens that wehave  the same agent and also shared an offensive coordinator in Noel Mazzone, who’s now at UCLA.  I’ve been very fortunate because of our times with Noel and our agent to be able to throw with Philip a little bit in the offseason at UCLA.  When I was coming out of Arizona State and preparing for the draft, I was fortunate to be able to sit down with him and pick his brain a little bit about the world I was heading into with the NFL.  He’s always been great to me and somebody I have a ton of respect for.  I see how hard he plays every single Sunday and it’s hard not to root for somebody like that.”

Broncos HC Gary Kubiak on Mike McCoy:

“Mike’s very bright.  A good friend. I have a lot of respect for him.  You start to feel old when you think about those days and some of those guys now who are coaches.  But, he’s a good friend and I think the world of Mike.”

Broncos (and former SDSU) RB Ronnie Hillman on Denver's successful run game of late:

"We're starting to get it. The offensive line is blocking. We're running the ball well. I don't know if that's because Brock is under center or because we're not out of shotgun. The offensive line is doing a great job and everybody else is getting on their man, so that could be it." (

Defensive coordinator Wade Phillips on Philip Rivers:

"This quarterback this week .... You know, any quarterback that passes Joe Montana for number of touchdown passes is certainly one to be reckoned with, and he’s still going strong. Their team obviously isn’t having a great year, but [Rivers] is having a great year. He’s been a great quarterback for a long time. He’s obviously a guy we’re concerned with. They’ve got one of the top passing games in the league. We have to stop the run first, as always, but he’s one of those quarterbacks I’ve talked about.  He can beat you throwing the ball. He had one game where he had 500 yards passing and no interceptions. I mean, that’s incredible. Abs I know Philip pretty well. I was there with him. We drafted him when I was there. He’s a great competitor [and a] great person....A good trash talker, too. I’m sure I’ll get some of that on the sideline. He’s real nice when he trash talks. His competitiveness is similar to some of the great quarterbacks I’ve been around. Jim Kelly was that way—not trash talking, but just great competitors. Obviously, John Elway was too. They want to beat you in anything they do. He’s one of those guys.” (

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