Chargers QB Philip Rivers says Sunday's game could be an emotional one

Qualcomm Stadium is a special place to the veteran QB, who knows LA may be in his future.

Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers senses it.

He knows it isn't for certain, but he knows he can't ignore it, either: Sunday could be his final game at Qualcomm Stadium.

As the threat of relocation grows larger for fans of the Chargers, so, too, does it grow for the players who have been here their entire career: punter Mike Scifres, safety Eric Weddle, tight end Antonio Gates, wide receiver Malcom Floyd and, of course, Rivers.

So, the final home game of the 2015 season will be a special one, as there is no certainty of a return.

"It could be emotional," Rivers said Wednesday. "I mean, it really could be. Certainly not knowing (if it's the last game) and not knowing after the game, either, but I think I'll soak in the drive over there a little bit more than the past 100-something times I've done it. I could get emotional thinking about it, riding down that hill for the last time to the stadium, the feeling you always have."

Driving into the stadium is a ritual that Rivers treasures.

"It's always been a neat thing for me, seeing all the tailgating going on as you're pulling down through the gates and you're..."

He gestures, looking for the words, as if he's six-years-old and telling himself in the mirror:

"You know, I'm fixing to go play quarterback in the National Football League," Rivers says, laughing. "I mean, it's kind of crazy. This is what I dreamed about doing."

For twelve seasons, he's lived that dream inside the confines of Qualcomm Stadium, despite the leaks and the rust, the wear and tear. It's no matter for the Alabama native, who would play in a landfill so long as there were uprights.

Rivers has always appreciated the ability to suit up in the NFL. He doesn't take it for granted. And it very well could be that he makes that drive again, into Qualcomm, next August.

It's also a possibility that he will drive north, up the freeway and into Los Angeles. For that reason, he will treat Sunday with sweetness.

"I don't have an expectation of where we're going to be next year, but yeah, this could be [our last game in San Diego]," Rivers said. "I think the only way to treat it is as if it is.

"Given the situation, you soak it in, should it be the last time."

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