Charger Camp Pictures

More pictures from San Diego Chargers training camp practice are here for your viewing enjoyment. These are taken by Denis Savage and can be seen exclusively at More updates on the way!!<br><br>

Mike Scifres talks with veteran Steve Christie as they watch practice during some down time for the kickers.

David Boston walks the field after Drew Brees overthrows him in the end zone.

David Boston runs a route against Kevin House and turns to the outside to get positioning for a reception from Drew Brees.

Drayton Florence and Lemual Ligon head for the same cone as they run warmup drills with the rest of the secondary.

Tay Cody walks back towards the rest of his teammates with his head down after allowing a pass to get through to Eric Parker.

Sammy Davis takes a break in between drills and lets some of the heat out of his helmet after a tough afternoon covering the Chargers' receivers.

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