A Day of Injuries

Monday at Chargers camp saw the injuries mount. Across the league players have been getting hurt in freakish accidents and the San Diego Chargers remained largely unscathed. While certain ailments were undeniably going to happen, today marked the first time it was truly noticed.

Toniu Fonoti sustained an injury to his triceps and was relegated to watching practice with his arm in a sling.

Marcellus Wiley hurt his hamstring, but was doing some light running to help stretch out the muscle and keep loose.

Jason Ball sat out practice again with a strained neck.

David Boston suffered a minor injury to his hip that did not affect him later in the day.

Kassim Osgood again looked and played well making a high throw from Brees look easy as he caught it in the air and quickly turned upfield. He was not always as lucky as Drayton Florence picked off a pass intended for Oz. Osgood did little to position his body to knock Florence off the ball.

Drew Brees worked a lot on play action today and the results gave his receivers that extra second to provide separation. In fact he had two players biting on a play fake as David Boston split between the seam and ended up making a diving catch in the end zone. A step behind on the play was Kevin House who took the bait.

Reviewing last season showed Chad Pennington and Peyton Manning as the best play fakers. It is no surprise that Pennington led the league in completion percentage at nearly 69% and Manning was not far behind at 66.3%. They hide the ball well on their drops and Pennington even takes an extra second before showing he still has it.

It is an area Brees has never been strong at, but one that is even more crucial this year with the addition of Boston coupled with the LaDainian Tomlinson combination. With Lorenzo Neal blocking for LT, he could be part of the play fake as well.

"I'm not a playmaker," Neal said. "I'm not going to go 80 yards and make four people miss. I'm more of the heart of the team, one of those guys who are going to go in and pound. You've got to find out what you can do [in this game] and do it well."

Coach Marty Schottenheimer has been vocal before each practice, "Let's do it right from the top."

"Let's go, let's concentrate on what we have got to do today," adds Schottenheimer as the team breaks off into its traditional individual drills. "Do not go through the motions, we have got to get better."

One thing is certain; Vaughn Parker is not going through the motions. He wants to win and is tired of losing.

"I'm going to say all the right things," said Vaughn Parker. "But my pleasure will be decided at the end of the year because my window to get that ring is getting smaller. So I'm not overly excited."

Vaughn Parker worked with a medicine ball at the Chargers training camp today. Parker, who sustained a shoulder injury last season, is currently rehabbing after offseason surgery in preparation for his 10th season as a Charger.

In the past the Chargers defense has been the steadying force during the season. This year it could be the offense that shoulders the burden.

"They are going to have to carry us a little bit," said Coach Schottenheimer.

One note we forgot to mention from Saturday's practice:

Marcellus Wiley made the crack of the day (as usual) when he clamored, "Nobody practices like the Chargers do!" It had everyone in the bleachers and on the field laughing and set a great mood for the day.

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