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Chargers extend head coach Mike McCoy

McCoy will lead the team through at least 2017, Telesco says.

Monday, the Chargers announced head coach Mike McCoy would finish the last year of his four-year contract.

Friday, they announced his extension.

McCoy will be retained through at least 2017, general manager Tom Telesco announced to a crowd of media. The decision to add one year to his deal was based on stability and confidence, Telesco said.

"We have a belief in Mike and a confidence in him," Telesco said. "If you want to be a stable winning organization, you have to weather a couple storms.  Obviously this year was a big storm, but I think we had to look at it in terms of big picture rather than just this year.  We had to look at it over three years, and Mike took us to a winning record two years in a row ... He took us to the playoffs and won a road playoff game, which is difficult in this league. 

"We know we’re disappointed in this year, but Mike is someone we want to build around, so we thought that was important to get that done.”

Telesco admitted the team has some "work to do," but said overall, he's pleased with the organization's direction.

“We do think there are some positives here," Telesco said. "We do have a core group of young players that have gotten better during the year. We’ve got players like Philip [Rivers] and [Antonio] Gates that are still playing at a high level. But obviously we need to continue to add to that ... When you have nine losses in one-score games, that pretty much means to me that we’re a playmaker or two short of making that play to finish that. That’s on me."

Here are a few other takeaways:

**Telesco was asked how he plans to "sell" a 4-12 team to fans if the Chargers move to Los Angeles. Telesco: "I just know that wherever we are, we have to win. Winning sells, so that’s the only goal.”

**Regarding the tension between the organization and safety Eric Weddle, Telesco said: "He’s stated he’s ready to move on. Probably for all parties involved, that’s probably the best case.”

The GM also maintained that missing halftime, as Weddle did in the final home game of the season to watch his daughter dance in the halftime show, was poor form. “Halftime is important," Telesco said. "That’s where the coaches are preparing for the second half.  It’s a critical part of our in game preparation….We got together as a group, obviously myself, Mike [McCoy], (defensive coordinator) John Pagano and (secondary coach) Ron Milus [to talk about the fine].  We fined him and we moved on.”

**Telesco said he would "not be opposed" to McCoy calling plays, though he added that play-calling is "over-rated," saying "game planning" is more important.

**Telesco also said he would love to have Antonio Gates return to the team. Gates is a free agent.

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