Chargers Camp: Tuesday

Afternoon practice at Camp Shottenheimer was held under sunny clear skies with a slight brees once again. It was probably the hottest afternoon practice so far at 86 degrees. There were quite a few players out on the field early today. Something tells me that this team has a lot to get done before the season gets underway, but you have to like the attitude that is being displayed.

Things got off to a slow start today with more stretching than usual. I think this was more of a pre-caution at this point in camp. Every move, every read was performed under the utmost concentration. The coaches were very deliberate with their instructions.

Coach Lindsey paid close attention to the Chargers young secondary. It appears to me that the secondary has received the majority of the attention from not only the defensive coaches, but Marty Schottenheimer and AJ Smith have spent time observing as well.

Speaking of the secondary, the first team lined up with Ryan McNeil at FS, Kwamie Lassiter at SS, Quentin Jammer at LCB, and Tay Cody at RCB. Kwamie had problems with reading his assignments on two separate occasions, but that is to be expected from someone who is playing in a new scheme and a new position. Overall the secondary had a terrific day of practice. Game balls go out to Cody, who deflected a couple of passes and blanketed his man all day long. Hanik Milligan produced the only pick of the afternoon after he snagged a deflected pass during 11 vs. 11 drills.

The O-line was switched up throughout the day. Most of the time the first team was Damion McIntosh at LT, Kelvin Garmon at LG, Jason Ball back at C, Solomon Page at RG, and Phil Bogle at RT. Bogle continues to impress the coaches with his overall athleticism. This kid is positioned to make the team at this point.

Second Team O-line consisted of Courtney VanBuren at LT, Bob Hallen at LG, Cory Raymer at C, Kevin Breedlove at RG, and Luke Butkus at RT. I think the coaches really wanted to get a different look at the O-line today in order to see who is more versatile.

Drew Brees looked confident with his reads and his throws today. He had a couple of wobblers, but for the most part he was on the money. His best completion of the day went to Terry Charles on a deep crossing pattern for a nice 35 yard gain. Drew showed nice touch delivering the ball in stride to his backs on their swing routes. Kassim Osgood also impressed today with his route running and his reads. I think he and Charles are in the running for the 5th WR spot.

As I turned my attention to the running backs, a couple of things stood out. The first is that LaDainian Tomlinson is already in mid-season form. He looks so quick and smooth when he is carrying the ball. He was patient with his reads and his cuts left the defense picking up their jocks.

Another standout on the day was Jesse Chatman. Now, I know there are many doubters out there who question Chatman's ability to back up LT. All I can say is pay close attention to this kid in the preseason games and then come and talk to me. He is has worked hard in the off season to add muscle and the results are a quicker more elusive Chatman than the one that we saw last year.

It's hard to say who is going to make this team out of the rest of the backs. No one showed much of anything today. Pinnock continues to struggle with everything from his reads to dropping passes. He just does not appear to be a man who is giving everything he has to make this team. If he wasn't a 7th round pick already signed to a contract, he might be in danger of missing the cut.

Competition between Seth Burford and Cleo Lemon is dead even right now. Cleo is very athletic and throws a nice deep ball. Seth is still a little slow in recognizing coverage's and it is affecting his timing. Keep an eye on this battle as it will go down to the wire.

Making a guest appearance at camp today was Coach Pete Carroll of the Trojans. He was seen observing 7 on 7 passing drills along with one of his young quarterbacks.

Marty was quoted as saying, "Both of today's practices were excellent." Judging by the fact that there were no new injuries to report, I would have to agree with him.


Toniu Fonoti was riding an exercise bike during practice, but the team got good news when they found out an MRI on his triceps showed no significant damage.

"Fonoti is going to be out a little bit, but it's nothing like the one that Vaughn had last year," coach Marty Schottenheimer said, referring to an injury that affected tackle Vaughn Parker last year. "It's just a strain of the triceps and he'll be back to work in a few days."

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