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Chargers trademark LA name; Raiders to Texas?

Tuesday quick hits.

Tuesday's relocation roundup:


If the Chargers move to Los Angeles, fans can prepare to see the name "LA Chargers" or "Los Angeles Chargers" printed on various products, including helmets, golf balls and more. According to Nathan Fenno of the LA Times, the franchise applied for trademark rights last Thursday, two days after the vote in Houston.

The trademark application seems like a logical next step in this process -- regardless of whether the Chargers leave San Diego. Fenno points out in his twitter feed that the Raiders have already trademarked "LA Raiders" in case they end up in Inglewood, and the Rams kept the trademark "LA Rams" during the 21 years the franchise operated in St. Louis.

The Chargers' organization continues to cover its bases.


What seems certain in the relocation process is that when the Chargers make the next move, the dominoes will fall for the Oakland Raiders, who are also in an uncertain position regarding their home and stadium. In Houston, when asked where the franchise would move, Raiders owner Mark Davis said, "The world is a possibility for the Raider nation."

The world ... including San Antonio.

Former Minnesota Vikings owner Red McCombs, a native of San Antonio, is passionate about bringing an NFL team to his hometown, writes John Holler of Scout.com.

Writes Holler:

If Davis and Raiders Nation need a landing spot, it could be done quickly.

Incredibly quickly, with the potential to hit the ground running with an in-place game plan.

“If Mark gives us the word, we could have papers finalized in 48 hours with probably the best deal anybody could get anywhere,” McCombs said. “We play the first five years in the Alamodome, which is plenty, plenty good. During that time, we build a new stadium in between here and Austin and it will work like a clock. We’ve got to get them to agree to go for it.”

Another possibility is that if the Chargers leave to Inglewood, the Raiders could make San Diego their new home.

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