Chargers Camp: Thursday Morning

The San Diego Chargers were up early again to start on the first of two practices on the day. Just after practice The Mighty 1090 was pulled off the air as they were using an outlet that they were apparently not supposed to be using. It almost cost them interviews with Kassim Osgood and Brian Sump, and it did cost them an interview with linebacker Ben Leber…

We ran into Billy Ray Smith who was all about the facility in Carson. "Nice place right? I mean you read all the stuff about it and you just thought it was going to be the pits."

"Think about it, if you get trained mercenaries who are about to fight a war, would you like them training in La Jolla, or would you like them kind of isolated," Smith added.

Doug Flutie did not suit up for practice today and told us, "I had a sore elbow and the team is just resting me as a precaution for the morning session. It is a little bit frustrating since I want to get out there."

Flutie was out there catching passes from the quarterbacks as they ran through some drills in the individual session. Quarterback coach Brian Schottenheimer was teaching all the quarterbacks on the proper place to put the ball during various routes. One popular route that needs to be delivered accurately each time was in the back of the end zone. The idea was to throw the ball to the only spot the Chargers receiver could catch it. Flutie would sit in the back of the end zone with his hands up to simulate a defender and the other quarterbacks had to throw over his outstretched hands and make Schottenheimer jump for the ball. The only QB not to deliver the pass well was Seth Burford.

The quarterbacks continued with various other similar drills and Schottenheimer would ask questions on which shoulder to throw the ball to and explain any wrong answers.

Drew Brees again looked better on his play fakes and handoffs today. He is doing a nice job of following through with his handoffs and faking as if he still has the ball. That extra second where the ball is hidden from defenders could open up a lot on the field down the road. The work he does now

The team spent some time on fake field goal plays and Mackenzie Hoambrecker even threw a few solid passes. They ran the drills both to the left and to the right and threw in some runs and options for good measure.

At the end of practice, rookie Kassim Osgood has to carry Both Kelvin Garmon's and David Boston's shoulder pads and jersey back to the locker room as a little hazing goes on.

The play of the morning went to Tim Dwight who blew past Quentin Jammer and beat the deep secondary of Kevin House and Ryan McNeil for an easy touchdown that spanned the length of the field.

LaDainian Tomlinson and Jesse Chatman had huge holes all day and exploited them often. Defensive players hardly were able to manage to get close as receivers did a great job of blocking downfield.

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