More Notes from Chargers Camp

So much is going on these days at San Diego Chargers training camp in Carson. Thursday saw two sessions and Friday will again see two-a-days before the team settles down for the weekend and sets up Fan Fest on Sunday at 2 PM. David Boston had a solid afternoon after a shaky morning and the two minute drill saw center stage.

With Drew Brees in a shotgun, Damion McIntosh allowed Ray Lee Johnson to push him back off the line maintaining containment to the inside with solid hand positioning to keep Johnson to the outside. Once Brees stepped up, McIntosh sealed off by turning towards the sidelines and allowing Johnson way upfield. Brees was able to safely deliver a completion.

Kelvin Garmon blew up Jason Fisk as Fisk attempted a swim move. Rushing on Garmon's right shoulder, Fisk tried to move back to the inside but was denied as Garmon slid over with quick feet to block the inside penetration.

All the kickers practiced onside kicks drills to both sides of the field again in the afternoon session. It would be a prelude to some sloppy special teams play by the receiving team later in practice.

Hanik Milligan was all over the field on onside kick drills. He recovered the first kick, from Scifres, in stride as it bounced off a helmet. The next kick he got his hands on but was unable to control it before getting out of bounds. One kick later he was again the first one in, but Brian Sump had already corralled it and was in a fetal position protecting the ball on the ground.

Both Nick Maddox and Brian Sump struggled in punt returns today. During free kicks, simulating a safety, Scifres kicked one off that went a good 15 yards past Sump. Sump tried to snare it but was unable to and downed it in the end zone. Maddox went up to catch a shanked punt and was not quick enough to recognize where it would land and the ball ended up sailing all the way down towards the end zone for a net loss of at least 25 yards. The original shank by Scifres turned out to be just another stellar kick after Maddox misplayed the ball.

Drew Brees spent some time conferring with David Boston after one badly overthrown ball. As the leader of the team, it was nice to see Brees set things straight and take the onus on himself for his throw.

During a two minute drill Drew Brees hit a wide open Tim Dwight for a touchdown from about 25 yards out. The problem is there was only :09 seconds left on the clock and the defense had to know the ball would go into the end zone or out of bounds.

Didn't they know?

Apparently not. Drayton Florence allowed Dwight to get by him and no one else was back deep to help out. It was a big win for the first team offense, and a lesson for the defense. Kwamie Lassiter huddled with Florence after that.

With that much time left, the defense had to protect the goal line and failed miserably.

Minutes later Marty Schottenheimer was yelling at Donnie Edwards and the rest of the defense to, "Make one play at a time. Don't retreat to the end zone. Challenge them at the goal line!"

Seth Burford had a day to forget as well. He threw an interception on the first play of his two minute drill to Jude Waddy. Waddy saw the play being developed from the snap and broke hard to his left closing the gap on Kassim Osgood as he went on an out route. Burford never saw him and paid dearly as Waddy plucked the ball out of the air amid an outburst of praise from the rest of the defense.

Later, Burford muffed a snap as Cory Raymer sent one a little to the left of center. Burford recovered quickly and threw the ball away.

While Sump had some terrible moments in the field, he did make a great play on a two minute drill and he didn't even catch the ball. While running an inside slant, the ball was delivered behind Sump by Cleo Lemon and Sump reached back to smack the ball One other noticeable thing that differentiates Sump from the pack is his hustle. During one set of drills where he and Maddox were back deep to accept a kickoff, an onside kick was called and Sump began yelling, "Short!" while running up to support his teammates. Maddox on the other hand, remained stationed in the same spot he awaited the kick. Same with DeMarco McCleskey. Not quite the way to make an impression for undrafted free agents.

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