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Chargers introduce Benjamin, Lowery, Mebane

Here are some of the comments from San Diego's newest free agents.


"I’m looking to come in, to put my best foot forward, to help Phil [Rivers], Keenan Allen and [Antonio] Gates get out there and move the ball up and down the field."

Where are you comfortable lining up?
"I’m comfortable anywhere. Outside or inside. Wherever [Rivers] or the coaches want me to line up."

Why San Diego?
"I had a couple teams but San Diego was always my No. 1 because of the Hall of Fame quarterback, Philip Rivers. Coming from Cleveland, I didn’t have a quarterback throughout my years there.  I just wanted to get with a quarterback and put on the best show I can."

How did you get through having so many QBs in Cleveland?
"I just had my head down. Focused. I knew that it doesn’t matter who throws the ball, the ball has to be caught. That was my mentality. Even though it’s five, six quarterbacks at times, there’s only one ball."

How long have you been returning punts?
"I’ve been doing it since high school. I take a lot of pride in that, because I know punt returns is an area that can change the game. Momentum, great field position for the offense."

Was it tough leaving Cleveland?
"Not at all. Sunny San Diego … Cold Cleveland … It wasn’t a bad choice at all."

"I’m just very thankful. I’m going to come here and do my best. I know there’s a lot being said about the safety position. It’s going to be a challenge to replace the legend that is Eric Weddle and what he’s done here, what he’s established here, but I’m ready for the challenge. I appreciate challenges. Challenges bring out the best in all of us."

How would you describe your skill-set?
"Ball hawk. I understand the game. I’m always improving. I never get satisfied with my performance. I always feel like there’s a higher level to reach. I think that I can help these young players, help them reach their potential, and try to accelerate their growth as quickly as possible. They’re really the nucleus of the team. For myself, I’m here to help give them a push and allow them to reach their potential. That’s something that really attracted me to this place."

What kind of leader are you?
"I think the best way to lead is by example. Showing how to be a pro, what it takes to be a pro, what to look at. How teams may try to attack you, how to counter what a team is doing to you. Preparation in the week leading up to the game. I’m excited about the opportunity."

"I’ve been though a lot of up and downs in my career. I’ve been traded, I've been cut, I’ve had to try out for a team. I’ve been a part of a lot of firings, hirings, owner changes, one year contracts. I’ve been through a lot. I believe it's made me the man I am today. It keeps me going. I really want to leave some sort of imprint. I think I went through all of those things for a reason. I feel like I’m here for a reason."

"I was walking around the locker room today and I felt like a rookie all over again. It’s a little of an adjustment, just getting to know the equipment guys' names, the trainers' names, the coaches' names."

Will it be challenging to work in a 3-4 defense?
"We ran a 4-3 and a hybrid of a 3-4 in Seattle. The thing is just learning the terms and different languages they use here, just learning the system. I don’t think it will be challenging or hard, just gotta go over it and study. I study all the time, but I have to study even more now to learn, so I can be ahead. I won’t be behind when I’m on the field."

The Legion of Boom got all the credit, but it really started with you guys up front.
"I don’t really look at who gets the credit. All I really want to do is just win. Win, and everybody is happy."

What's it going to be like going against Rivers?
"It’s going to be great playing against Phil. It’s going to be great going against a quarterback of his caliber in practice, to see some of his tendencies. That’s how we’re going to get better, going against each other."

How did you get your celebration dance?
"I grew up in Los Angeles.  At the time the only rapper my parents allowed me listen to was MC Hammer. MC Hammer was the type of performer like James Brown. That’s where I got the dance from, was MC Hammer. I loved MC Hammer. I wanted an MC Hammer doll when I was young. I never got one."

On Seattle's practices:
"Practice was actually harder than the games for us. It was tense at times. The way we went after each other in practice, not to hurt each other, but to get each other better — It paid off."

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