Chargers, City Extend Talks...Again

The City of San Diego and the Chargers have again agreed to extend talks on a new stadium deal until May 1st, 2004. It is unclear, at this time, what will happen to the ticket clause that has the City buying any tickets that remain unsold for Charger home games.


Special Counsel to the San Diego Chargers

August 6, 2003

The San Diego Chargers have agreed with the City of San Diego's request to extend the existing negotiating period until May 1, 2004. Five hundred and three days ago the Chargers began our efforts to find a publicly acceptable way to keep the Chargers and the Super Bowl a continuing part of the San Diego community. We have been working hard to negotiate with the city for the past five months. As the Chargers agree to this extension, we hope that the City will work with us to deliver significant, visible progress to the people of San Diego in the very near future.

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