Wednesday Morning: Chargers Offense Re-energized

With a depleted receiving core and recent elevation in play on defense, The San Diego Chargers were in need of a pick-me-up on offense. That pick-me-up arrived on Wednesday morning in the form of Tim Dwight and Reche Caldwell....

Marty had the pads off for this one, but the play was still intense and the pads will probably be donned in this afternoon's practice (they in fact were).

David Boston still nursing a sore oblique muscle was not suited up, but was on the field stretching and running. Ditto for Eric Parker, though he is still nursing a shoulder injury.

Returning to action after missing time with minor ailments were top wideouts Tim Dwight and Reche Caldwell. This would prove to be a boost to Drew Brees' offense as the two would go on to make key plays.

During stretching Marty was fired up and trying to get his team pumped up for the game coming this Saturday versus Seattle: "Let's go Chargers! We got to get ready for our first test! We got to get ready for our first test!"

One on one drills resulted in a draw as the offense would make a good play only to be followed by a batted away pass from the defense.

Hanik Milligan drew praise from Marty as he was matched against Josh Norman and made a play on the ball...

Antonio Gates proved too much for defenders to handle one on one. Using his basketball separation skills, size, and speed he had two big gainers in one on ones...

In the first set of full team drills, the defense earned points as Brees lofted a pass for Terry Charles headed towards the end zone. Showing the hands that once earned him 9 interceptions in one season, FS Ryan McNeil cut in front of Charles snatching the ball while both players fell to the ground.

On one play Josh Norman streaked down the middle of the field catching a Drew Brees pass going untouched for about 30 yards.

Reche Caldwell started off rusty. Running a nice route to get open, he dropped a perfectly thrown pass from Drew Brees. He would later redeem himself...

The field goal kickers were up next. Alternating was Steve Christie and Mackenzie Hoambrecker. Both were accurate on the day going 8 out of 9 with Hoambrecker showing more leg strength.

11 on 11's were up for the second time. The first play was all LaDainian Tomlinson as he ran a toss to the left going 30 yards before being met by Ryan McNeil.

Reche Caldwell ran a 15 yard out but great coverage was provided by Quentin Jammer and the pass fell incomplete.

Later in the scrimmage the two were matched up again. Running the same pattern, Caldwell went up high and made a beautiful catch right in front of Jammer.

Deep balls from Brees to Dwight have been common in Carson. This morning was more of the same as Dwight threw a move on Jammer who fell down on the play leaving Tim wide open 40 yards downfield. Drew spotted this and launched it in his direction, the pass was caught, but Tim was stopped before he reached the end zone. It still went for about 60 yards.

Antonio Gates carried his strong performance in one on ones over to full squads. In the catch of the morning, he streaked down the middle of the field with a safety and linebacker in coverage. Seth Burford drilled a pass 25 yards down field which Gates hauled in with the two defenders draped all over him. Since he was on a dead run, he went untouched for a good 50 yards.

Reche Caldwell made a big catch for his squad during a two-minute drill. On a crossing pattern he caught a 20 yarder from Brees while showing great athleticism keeping both feet in bounds.

With 8 seconds left in the two minute drill, the offense had one play to get in the end zone from the 35 yard line. Drew Brees was back to pass, Terry Charles( third WR-1st team) ran a pattern towards the goal line, Drew lofted one for Charles who made a great catch over two defenders for the game winning TD. The offense is back....

The only caveat was offensive coordinator, Cam Cameron, yelling at Charles for not going out of bounds with so little time left where the offense could settle for a field goal.

The 2nd team defense came back strong in their two-minute drill preventing the Doug Flutie led offense from reaching the end zone.

The two-minute sessions sums up the morning quite well as the battles were pretty much even. But the 1st team offense has the momentum with the return of #87 and #82...

-Will Mortensen

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