Is Bosa a good fit for the Chargers anymore?

Potential character issues surround the popular player.

In January, hype surrounded popular defensive end Joey Bosa. Chargers fans saw Bosa as the answer to an anemic defense and prayed general manager Tom Telesco would take him with the No. 3 pick.

Seemingly, winds have changed.

With the Rams now picking first overall in the draft, and the thought that both the Rams and Browns (who pick second) will take quarterbacks, Telesco has his run of position players (should the chips fall that way). Bosa, though a top pick and a talented player, doesn't have the allure he once did, especially among company like safety Jalen Ramsey and offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil.

Earlier this month, an ESPN feature explored Bosa's character (along with his strengths and attributes, of which there are many) and what may have prompted the one-game suspension he served in 2015.

From the article:

NFL team officials say Bosa claimed the suspension was due to a drug test that he skipped because he feared a prescription drug would cause him to fail. Either way, the murkiness is troublesome for a player who was already expected to be a top pick at a time when Clevelanders are using Johnny Manziel jerseys to chamois their minivans.

"I think teams were more willing to ignore these things in the past, but not now," says former GM Bill Polian, now an ESPN analyst. "There is too much money and time invested at the top of the board. If there's a flag that says 'bad judgment skills,' not every team is going to care. But way more care now than ever have before. Putting your team and your season in jeopardy is the epitome of bad judgment skills."

For the Chargers, character issues are a concern, and the mystery surrounding Bosa might be enough to ward Telesco off if he is on the fence about the former Ohio State product.

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