Browns trade puts Chargers in good spot

Things are getting brighter for the Chargers.

Several weeks ago, the Titans traded their No. 1 overall pick to the Rams, virtually guaranteeing a quarterback will be first off the board.

It was speculated that the Browns, who hold the second overall pick, would also go with a quarterback, thereby putting the Chargers in an advantageous spot to take the best position player on the board.

Now, it gets even better for Chargers general manager Tom Telesco.

Wednesday, the Browns gave their pick to the Eagles with a blockbuster trade, one that sends five draft picks to Cleveland. It also virtually guarantees the top two spots will go to quarterbacks, solidifying a top position player to San Diego ... That is, if Telesco doesn't trade up to get more picks, which very well could happen (and which could be a good thing if he can stay in the Top 10 and get more help with the team's deficiencies on the roster).

In exchange for the first overall spot, the Titans received the 15th pick, two second round picks (43 and 45), a third-round pick (76) and the Rams' first-round pick in 2017, as well as their third-round pick. The Browns walked away with the eighth overall pick, a third-round pick (77), a fourth-round pick (100), and a first and fourth-round pick in 2017 and a second-round pick in 2018.

Should Telesco decide to trade up, he would receive a healthy number of picks in return, which isn't bad for a team that needs help in most areas (but a team that needs impact players too, which would likely come in the Top 10).

We'll find out soon enough, as the draft kicks off a week from today.

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