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Takeaways from Telesco's pre-draft press conference

The phones haven't been as active, Telesco says.

Chargers general manager Tom Telesco held his annual pre-draft press conference Friday. Here are some of the biggest takeaways:

**The Chargers will exercise the fifth-year option for right guard/tackle D.J. Fluker, ensuring their first-round draft pick is in San Diego through at least 2017.

**It seems like Telesco wants to trade down. He seemed almost disappointed -- (that's my opinion, anyways) -- at the fact his phone has been ringing less since Wednesday, after the blockbuster trade between the Browns and Eagles. “Since Wednesday afternoon our phones have not been as busy as they had been the last couple weeks ... We feel like we’re in a very good spot.  Obviously there is going to be a great player there for us to take, but if there is a trade there for us that makes sense for us we can move back and acquire some picks either this year, next year (or both), that’ll be a great option, too. We’ll kind of see how it plays out."

**On Chris Watt:

"He's our center, but he'll come in and compete like everyone else."

**On Jalen Ramsey: “He’s a versatile player that plays either side of corner, nickel or safety.  He can do a lot of different things, he is a great athlete, a good person and a good worker.  So he’s pretty easy to identify as one of the top players this year.”

**On Laremy Tunsil:

“Almost all college linemen coming out are going to take some time to develop technique, which is nothing new.  He’s such a rare athlete, he can get away with some things at the college level. A lot of skill position players can do the same thing.  They may be faster and more athletic than their competition, and a lot of times these players are so talented they are able to rely on athletic ability much more than technique. Then you get to this level where everybody you’re facing is so much better, so there is more technique.  He has some development to do, but no more than any other linemen in this draft, and probably some other position groups as well.”

**On Myles Jack:

"He’s so unique because you can play him at inside and outside linebacker,  play him in some nickel corner, slot him out as a corner, back as a safety -- and he was a great running back his freshman year.  Those are all pretty good traits to have, especially with roster flexibility.”

**On DeForest Buckner:

“He plays end in a 3-4, and he can pass rush inside.  He has all the measurables you look for in that position.”

**Who is the person with the final say of who to draft?

"Decisions are done by draft day. There’s no debating on draft day. … Obviously I've got the decision but it’s one of those where I’m trying to get everyone to buy into it, and if we can’t buy into the decision -- that’s probably something we’ve talked about last week or this week — if we can’t talk it out or get to a good conclusion, it’s probably the wrong player, usually. …. We have some constructive discussions on players, because they’re all opinions for all of us. We try to get to the same page as far as, 'If this players comes in, how can he help us, what exactly can he do?' ... We try to focus more on what the player can do for us than what they can’t do, because there are no perfect players. They’ve got flaws and holes like every other player in this league."

**How much does it help when you have position depth in later rounds?

“If you are looking at two positions -- and maybe have two players rated pretty close together -- and at one position, if you don’t take him there’s really no one below him we like, and at the other position there are three or four more guys maybe later that we feel really strongly about, that would definitely play into who you’d take when ….  And then usually, if you like both, you take one and then you sit there, crossing your fingers, hoping like crazy that guy is still there for you. ”

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