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Mayock's take on No. 3 pick for Chargers

Hint: He thinks San Diego will go defense.

NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock recently held his final pre-draft conference call, and had a few things to say about who he thinks the Chargers will take with the No. 3 pick:

Just your thoughts on Jalen Ramsey. If he's there at [No.] 4, is it a no-brainer that they have to take him?

MAYOCK: "I think if he's there -- and I think it's a big question whether or not he's going to be there, I really think San Diego is going to take him at 3 -- but if he's there, I think his athleticism and upside and the fact that he's clean off the field is going to trump Joey Bosa, and he can play corner, he can play safety. It makes things easier with making decisions with Byron Jones, last year's first-round pick."
You mentioned the Chargers and Ramsey. Why do you think that's a good fit, and are there others in that mix that you also think would be a good fit?
MAYOCK: "Yeah, there's been some Ronnie Stanley momentum among the top-10 teams as far as even over Laremy Tunsil. I think the conversation is that Tunsil might be a little bit more -- might be a better athlete today, but Stanley is a better run blocker, and his feet are really close. So my point is as an evaluation, they're very, very close, and Stanley has got no off-the-field issues. There are some teams that like Stanley, so my point is in San Diego, I think there's got to be a conversation going on that's should we take either Tunsil or Stanley, and does that trump Jalen Ramsey. Obviously you guys lost Weddle. There's some concerns at the back end, whether it's Brandon Flowers turning 30, Casey Hayward being your nickel, Jason Verrett, who I really like, but being a short corner, you look at this kid Ramsey, he can play any of the positions, inside, outside or nickel, and hopefully do it at a high level day one. So I think that's the conversation: Who can make the bigger impact. I think if you're Philip Rivers, you're hoping and praying for one of those tackles, though."

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