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Liuget: Bosa is "relentless"

The defensive end had some positive remarks about his newest teammate.

Chargers defensive end Corey Liuget spoke this week about the addition of former Ohio State defensive lineman Joey Bosa, among other topics. Here's what he had to say:

On gaining Bosa as a teammate:

"It's going to be great. It's going to be fun to have another Big-10 guy. You know, Ohio State always kicked our butt while I was at Illinois. He's definitely going to get to talk trash about that. But, we're definitely going to get some work in and have some fun this season."

"He's a relentless kind of player, from what I watched of his film. He has a motor. He doesn't stop,he doesn’t get tired. That's the kind of player I want next to me, that's going to give you everything he has. Plus, he's from Florida. He's right up the road from me -- 15 minutes from me -- so I expect him to be a badass."

On graduating from college with a sociology degree:

"I'll be graduating on May 15. I've got a couple exams I have to finish, and then I'll be done. [I'm doing it] for my kids, more than anything. To let them know dad was very good at what he did in his professional life, but he also got an education. So, there shouldn’t be any excuses why they don't have a degree by the time they're 25, 26 years old."

On dropping his weight to 290:

"[I'm doing it] for my health and my career. For the joints, for everything. Just to be lighter and quicker and make a lot more plays. Plus, you've got a young guy coming in (Bosa) that's going to be real explosive, and I've got to compete with that guy. I have to get ready to haul boogie because he's coming in with fresh legs. He's in some dang good shape."


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