Chargers Camp: Tuesday 8/12 AM Notes

The San Diego Chargers were back in pads for Tuesday morning's workout. Other than the ongoing stadium situation, the big news coming from Charger camp was the release of two players....

Wide receiver Onome Ojo was released in a move that was made partly because of the log jam at receiver and partly because of inconsistent play.

In a major breakthrough, SD Bolt Report also received confirmation that veteran defensive back Ryan Mc Neil was released this morning. Other than age and maybe the salary cap there was no real reason for this as Ryan was a team player. His leadership will be missed as the Bolts continue to get younger and faster on defense.

Kwamie Lassiter will take over at free safety, while Vernon Fox moves into the starting strong safety spot. Vernon may be looking over his shoulder as the season draws near. A young man by the name of Terence Kiel will be gunning for his spot once he returns from an injury. Kiel is not running yet, but may be ready for the season opener.

With the departure of Mc Neil, look for other leaders to step up on defense. Donnie Edwards immediately comes to mind. With his flair for the big play and Pro Bowl appearance, Donnie will emerge as one of those leaders along with Kwamie Lassiter, Marcellus Wiley, and Jamal Williams.

At practice this morning the Chargers started with the always exciting one on one drills. Quentin Jammer going against David Boston is quite a match up. Jammer has been looking much better as of late and on the first play he picked off Drew Brees as he tried to complete a short pass to Boston.

The next time these two were matched up, Boston caught a quick pass but Jammer was there in perfect position to make a quick tackle holding it to a gain of only a couple yards. Jammer's confidence level is beginning to rise along with his level of play. This could be absolutely huge for this defense.

Kevin House didn't fare so well. He was beat consistently. On one play, Reche Caldwell blew right by him, causing House to fall down. Instead of jumping back up to hustle after Reche, he just stayed there and drew the wrath of his position coach Jerry Holmes.

Holmes also unleashed his wrath on Drayton Florence for making the same mistake.

Overall the defensive backs held up pretty well and considering the circumstances, I would give them the edge in this one.

WR Eric Parker stood out in his match ups. Using quickness and moves to break the jam, Eric consistently created separation while hauling in several passes.

After some 7 on 7 drills, the team went through punt returns. Darren Bennet and Mike Scifres were punting to Tim Dwight, Brian Sump, and Eric Parker.

What stood out in this drill was the booming punts and excellent coverage. After extensive work in this area on yesterday, the team seems to have improved already.

During full squad drills, the Chargers 1st team offense went up against the scout team which was basically a 3rd team defense.

The first play saw David Boston grab a 40 yarder from Drew Brees on a beautifully designed play. The dominance didn't end there. Most running plays to LaDainian Tomlinson were very successful with some being big gainers. The offense also completed many downfield passes, something we hardly saw them attempt in the first preseason game. Keep in mind this was done against the scout team, but it's good to see the offense capable of dominating.

The 1st team defense went against the second and third team offenses, with similar results. Basically they dominated play. If it wasn't would be sacks, it was batted down passes.

It's been stated before and it will be stated again, nothing is bigger for this Charger team than the progression of the defense. If you look at day 1 of training camp until now, there has no doubt been considerable progress. Stay tuned as the progression continues....

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